Well this is out of left-field, what's going on Audi? Shocking considering how much time Audi has spent blowing smoke up our rear ends regarding the R8 E-Tron. In late June of this year Audi spent a bunch of time touting how their E-Tron was the fastest "production" electric car to lap the Nurburgring. It was certainly an impressive achievement but now the claim for a production electric can no longer be made.

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Audi sunk three years of development into this car and just recently stated it was still coming. But the new Audi R&D chief Wolfgang Durheimer has placed the car and program under review. Apparently the batteries make this far too cost prohibitive. There are also issues with offering high performance and giving the car decent range.

So Audi touts this car for three years, tells us just a few months ago that it is the fastest production electric to lap the Nurburgring, sinks untold amounts of money into the program, and now will seemingly let it die as an expensive marketing exercise. Best to not talk about production electric records guys until you can actually get it to production. And Audi was on such a roll...