The new 991 generation Carrera certainly incorporates a ton of technology with its available dual clutch transmission, PASM (Porsche Active Stability Management), and PDCC (Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control). MotorTrend decides to compare the new 911 to a car that is all about using technology to your advantage which is the Nissan GT-R. They ultimately come away with the feeling that the 911 is more fun to drive and that the GT-R feels artificial. Yes, the Nissan is a robot.

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Now they do not do a performance comparison test. For those who pick the car based solely on the numbers the GT-R wins. It is faster around the figure eight, in a straightline, and around the track. Interestingly they both pull the same amount of g's around the figure eight test that MotorTrend uses in this comparison.

Additionally, the 911 is becoming somewhat artificial as well at least that is the conclusion of MotorTrend regarding the PDCC system which is an active anti-roll bar. It makes the car tend to understeer mid-corner which is not what a 911 usually does. Of course a car can also be ordered without this option. On the GT-R you are stuck with the electronics doing the work for you.

This comparison shows us that soon enough electronics are going to dominate the driving experience if not already. The cars haven't eliminated the driver yet but it begs the question if you are driving the car or being driven. Check out the video below.