This may be good news for everyone and a welcome wake up call to BMW. Audi has cut BMW's lead in auto sales considerably in 2012 with sales up 13% globally compared to the BMW's 7.8%. Audi's goal was to take the lead from BMW by 2020 but it seems they may be well ahead of schedule. The new A3 is helping Audi tremendously in Germany as well as China. BMW simply is not capitalizing in China the way Audi is at the moment.

With a new North American plant coming for Audi it is expected sales will be bolstered by an additional 150,000 units. BMW's reign is likely coming to an end and hopefully it will wake some executives at BMW up that plug-in cars are not what the market is demanding. Somehow Audi is closing the gap without electrics making up the majority of their sales. The fact is, edgy designs and improvements in the core vehicles are why Audi is doing so well.

Oh, and let's not count out Mercedes who is hot on the heels of both and hoping to regain its crown.

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