Audi has enjoyed sales to the Chinese government for some time now being the preferred brand. Audi and the Chinese government have become so ubiquitous that many younger people have started avoiding the Audi brand in China as it somewhat represents the old and stodgy. New regulations propose that government agencies be forced to buy only Chinese cars to help the struggling Chinese domestic auto industry.

Citizens have complained government officials get to ride around in plush German cars with chauffeurs while they pack subways or walk. The market share in the auto industry for Chinese manufacturers has slipped with foreign firms gaining market share making it pretty much dominated by foreign companies. This despite the fact China makes it difficult to compete on level footing with increased regulations and agreements designed to benefit their domestic market. Heh, can't compete on level footing with the Germans eh China?

“The whole automotive industry in China is very much supported by the government,’’ Shanghai analyst Klaus Paur stated. Requiring government agencies to buy Chinese brands he said “is pointing in the direction that they want even more to support domestic industry and make it a little more difficult for foreign car manufacturers to be successful.’’

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