Mercedes is having a record year in the USA but globally Audi is poised to take second place from Mercedes positioning themselves to make a run at the overall crown held by BMW. Audi leads Mercedes globally by 56,000 units with the rest of the month to go. This year marks an 18% jump up for Audi versus 7% for Mercedes. BMW beat both automakers globally in November and is poised to set a new overall record in yearly sales surpassing their 2007 mark of 1,276,793.

Global unit sales Nov., % change from 2010; global 11-month sales, % change from 2010:

1. BMW 115,124 +6; 1,252,205 +13
2. Audi 111,400 +28; Audi 1,193,110 +18
3. Mercedes 113,859 +8; 1,136,525 +7

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