Some good news from Porsche. Autonews confirmed with the Porsche America CEO that the vehicle would come in the second half of 2012. This will be the first time a diesel motor was ever sold by Porsche in North America. The diesel is expected to sell as well as the hybrid but we predict it will do better than the hybrid model. If it does do well, expect a Porsche Panamera Diesel to be sold in the USA as well although there are no plans for that as of right now.

The diesel motor is a 3.0 liters putting out 237 horsepower. Essentially the same diesel that is used by the Q7 as well as other TDI models although in a slightly higher state of tune. There are plenty of upgrades for the motor available since it is available in the Cayenne in Europe and will be relatively easy to get it up over 300 horsepower.

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