Ok, so a quick recap for you. Audi put out a commercial that was basically a blatant rip-off of the Eminem/Chrysler imported from Detroit commercial. The music publisher threatened to take Audi to court. Audi responded by saying the commercial was not actually a commercial (yes, idiotic). Now, they have both reached an agreement. Translation, money changed hands, and everyone is happy. “Eight Mile is very pleased that this dispute could be settled quickly and amicably. Eight Mile is very impressed by Audi’s openness to discuss and reach consensus on the issues involved…”

Audi stated the following: “Audi has tremendous respect for Eminem and his works, and likewise for the “Imported From Detroit” campaign which was created by Chrysler, and certainly Audi would never wish to insult or harm those parties or their fans and customers. The recognition of the Intellectual Property Rights of third parties is a very important part of Audi’s corporate philosophy. Audi is pleased that this matter could be resolved amicably. Furthermore, Audi is proud to join the effort to support the revitalization of Detroit by contributing to selected social projects."

Problem solved.

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