• Custom built motor E46 330 M54 turbo completed with Nick G tuning - 414 whp at 10.5 psi

      This car belongs to user bluejeansonfire. The car is an E46 330ci with an M54 that has been custom built. It features 8.5:1 wiseco pistons, eagle rods, and a JBR valvetrain including the heads, springs, and retainers. Schrick 252/256 cams are used with a hta3582r turbo feeding a 3.5 inch exhaust. It is nice to see a built M54 turbo application but this is only putting up slightly higher numbers than the Technique Tuning Stage 2 setup does on the stock internals. We look forward to seeing what this can do with the boost turned up!

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        I think that's going to but a hard number to hit on an aluminum block. There has been quite a few issues with these motors and head studs pulling/stretching and thats only on 400-500ish whp. Once you start getting higher than that I wouldn't be surprised to see main cap issues... Also the m50 guys are almost all on oringd blocks at that power level and I don't know anyone with a orind aluminum block, not to say it's not possible. As far as the heads flowing good PEI would be the best person to answer that but from the visual perspective the ports IMO are rather small.
        I will not make 800whp on this turbo. I'm fairly certain that I can max that thing out and not get there. I'd be happy to exceed 600. It's only a 750bhp turbo, as in 750 at the crank. Much less 800 at the wheels. I don't know what Jack was smoking, but he should share.
        Regardless, I agree, I think my block would crumble at 800whp.

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        Julio, that exhaust manifold is a work of art! Who made it and which kidney do I have to sell to get one? My manifold is dull in comparison.
        Find Oleg Coupe on bf.c. He's in the Ukraine. He'll sell you one of these. See the 90' bend before the turbo? good. Well, if you buy the manifold from him, it'll lack the wastegate pipe coming off of it. However, if i were to get a new turbo manifold, I'd go to Otis (goodntight). He can do a sick twinscroll. He's a proven manifold builder on bf.c much of the community runs his stuff. Boris and his sick e30M run a Otisfold. Otis will also make all the other piping necessary.

        Then there's Shawn out of Lutz performance in Tampa. His work on the z4 turbo can't be forgotten. He also made a matching sick motor mount to go with it and the rest of the kit. He can make any portion of the kit you need. He made a wonderful twinscroll.

        AR also makes an intense twinscroll and AR is legendary for fitment in the n54 exhaust world. But I like Otis's and Shawn's designs a bit more.

        twinscroll is kind of where it's at imo

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        How will that lower crank case pressure any more than a crankcase vent to the atmosphere or check valve in the intake tract (without the can)? FWIW, there is no reason to vent to the atmosphere on a turbo car -- there is always some relative vacuum somewhere (intake manifold off boost, turbo inlet on boost). On a SC car, I'd rather vent into a catless exhaust stream (slight vacuum)
        It'll make the car not drip, that's the difference between a vent to atmosphere and a catch can with a vent to atmosphere. When venting to atmosphere, more than just vapor gets out. The goop I have found in my catch can is a wonderful parts cleaner. Mostly gelled gas, slightly oily. It's great for polishing stuff. If you have boost, you also have a source of vacuum on the compressor. So instead of venting to atmosphere and dealing with those smells, just reroute somewhere along the filter pipe. The issue then becomes making sure the catch can is catching everything. In a blowthorugh maf setup like mine, contaminants in the intake tract are tune-killers which is an engine-killer.