• Interesting Mini-Documentary on Ex-BMW Design Chief Chris Bangle

      If you are interested in what progressed BMW styling this is well worth your time. Like him or hate him, there is no denying Chris Bangle had a huge impact on the automotive industry. He also is responsible for pushing BMW design into the future. His designs angered many purists and to be honest, were too much (especially his take on the rear). He pushed the designs too far but there is no denying BMW needed a push and to break free of what had become too refined and too similar. This is an interesting look inside the mind of Bangle.

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        Sticky -
        What I like most in this is when he says, "I've worked so hard for them to understand it is a culture, it is a thing, which deserves to exist and deserves to be criticized as well."

        Exactly right... well said Bangle.
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        Itsbrokeagain -
        good video. I liked the work he did.
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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Matt@Camber-Toe Click here to enlarge
        good video. I liked the work he did.
        Yes, nice little video. What I find kind of odd is the people who did it are listing directors, producers, etc., just kind of funny to list all of that for a short like this done while he is traveling in his car somewhere as if it was some National Geographic Documentary or something.

        I liked what he did as well... except for the rear of the 5 and 6 series. A lot of people in the industry adopted the Bangle butt though, amazing how powerful BMW design has become.
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        dzenno@PTF -
        great vid...