• DCT Build Part VII - Taking the BMW E92 M3 DCT to the next level, 800+ wheel horsepower clutch disc capacity

      You have seen the DCT taken apart, what it looks like inside, worn clutch discs, and brand new higher capacity clutch discs made. The new discs handle 600+ and 700+ whp respectively. With my power goals, SSP has decided to build a clutch pack that is beyond anything developed at this time for the DCT. What is the power goal? Well, it is beyond what is currently available and SSP is currently developing a clutch disc pack capable of over 800 wheel horsepower.

      How is this being done?

      The current clutch discs are of a thicker material than the stock discs. However, the stock clutch pack has 9 discs in it. By increasing the number of clutch discs they are going to increase the maximum torque capacity. By going to a thicker material and increasing the total number of discs to 11, the DCT in the BMW M3 will be taken to a level no one previously thought was possible. This is going to be similar to the GTR 1000 hp clutch setup by SSP (pictured) but the GTR uses more clutch discs albeit smaller, thinner discs.

      What else is being done and how much time will it take?

      The DCT is going to receive a cooling system based on what SSP has done with the GTR's. This will be a DCT specific application and will be great for the guys who track. No more overheats, no more staying away from the track on hot days. Look for a separate build thread specifically for the cooling system in the next few weeks. Regarding the time period, expect completion next month with the car returning fully assembled and capable of handling the increased power.

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        Is there going to a motor build thread with pics and what not at some point?
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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by bdtsulev Click here to enlarge
        Is there going to a motor build thread with pics and what not at some point?
        No the motor build happened a while ago.