• Active Autowerke Considering Releasing BMW M62 V8 (E39 540) Supercharger Kit

      Active Autowerke is currently considering building an SC kit for M62 V8 powered BMW's. This means a complete bolt-on kit that can be installed yourself with full instructions provided. The price would be somewhere around the $5,000 mark with power output in the 440 hp or low to mid 300 whp range. Active Autowerke is currently gauging interest and looking for a development car. Considering the M62 platform does not get too much love and what is out there is expensive or custom ($8700 for the closest competition, which would be Dinan), M62 owners should welcome this with open arms.

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      If this comes to fruition it would start with a level 1 non-intercooled system using the C38-81 charger.

      Pricing would be less than the competition.

      Estimated power would be about 440 BHP, a 50% increase in power, a good guess would be ~320 rwhp on our Mustang dyno.

      Price would be in the ~$5200.00 ball park.

      The structure would be the same as the E36 M3 systems, a Level 1 non-intercooled system which may be followed by an intercooled level 2. For now we are only concentrating on level 1 as that is the first step.

      Now it is just a matter of getting a car to me, I need a car and will work out a special intro price for the first few cars.

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        Sticky -
        VF also had a kit I believe but I never really heard much about it.

        Here is a dyno graph from the VF kit to give an idea what this kit would put down, listed on their site as 6.0 psi and $6000:

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        onisyndicate -
        Oh i'd defiantly do that. I love the E39 540I wagons! 540I is a low 14 wagon with auto. Add SS headers, exhaust and a AA SC and that thing should be in the low 13s if not high 12s!