• 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat in the 10's before it is even on the market - 10.86 @ 126 1/4 mile stock on drag radials

      Some people on the DodgeBoost forums were saying the SRT Hellcat would not be that fast. Well, are 10's stock good enough? Because that is exactly what the 2015 SRT Challenger Hellcat is capable of on drag rubber. A 10.8 @ 126 on drag radials and an 11.2 @ 125 on production street rubber.

      That is some seriously impressive performance and to be expected with 707 horsepower stock from a 6.2 liter twin screw V8. What will it do with a pulley, tune, and race gas? IT sure looks like low 10's will be child's play for this motor with mild mods.

      Very cool of Dodge to do a video like this. Props to them on the results and on having the balls to build this car.

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        I'd like to see it roll race a GT500. I actually think it would lose. I think it we saw the timeslip we'd see all the time is in the first 1/8th. 126 trap seems a bit slow for a 10.86. The GT500 also traps 125-126 and runs 11.5s
        It's a twin screw man. This thing is an off the line monster.