• BMW flogging the lighter and nimbler 2016 G11 7-series on the Nurburgring

      BMW seems to at least be partially aware its cars have become bloated. The company that used to be produce the lightest cars in their class with perfect 50/50 weight balance have ballooned quite a bit (and lost their perfect balance). The current F01 generation 7-Series may be the best example as depending on trim it can weigh over 5,000 pounds. Compare that to the first generation E23 7-Series that weighed in at roughly ~3400 pounds when introduced.

      Yes, BMW the 7-Series put on quite a bit of weight over the years as it added safety and luxury features. When a company is supposedly pushing for fuel efficiency losing weight is among the best ways to improve MPG figures. BMW is aiming to cut roughly 500 pounds off the F01 chassis with the next generation G11.

      Now, do not get too excited. BMW continues to disappoint with the real world weight figures of their new cars despite their weight loss claims. That said, the G11 sure looks good moving around the Nurburgring and the cornering balance looks nice as well with it being fairly flat for a sedan of this size. The 7-Series used to be the choice for the person who wanted to drive their luxury sedan, not be driven. So far the G11 7-Series is looking good in that respect.

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        If the use of CF is as extensive as they say, hopefully it is much lighter. I am very excited for the next 5 and 7, should be class-leading cars. And if the recent design concepts are any clue, they should be gorgeous. There's a reason they spent so much on carbon production development with the i3 and i8.