• Watch an AMS Alpha 12 Nissan GTR rip a Whipple upgraded Camaro ZL1 a new @#$hole

      The Camaro ZL1 is certainly a quick car. With a 6.2 liter V8 and a blower it offers 580 horsepower and 556 lb-ft of torque. Good output numbers although the ZL1 trails its rivals namely the GT500. That is where the aftermarket comes in though and in particular Whipple who offers some big twin screw blowers. Depending on the size of the blower, the tune, fuel, etc., one can see over 600 horsepower at the wheels with a Whipple upgrade on a ZL1.

      Nice power, right? Enough to beat a lot of cars, right? Enough to beat an AMS Alpha 12 GTR or at the very least not get embarrassed? No freaking way. This is such an epic beatdown it is hard not to feel for the ZL1 owner. He gets a nice launch and has a lead on the GTR thanks to his slicks as well as the GTR not launching on him. It looks good until the end of second gear when the GTR makes the ZL1 look like it is standing still. 1500 horsepower tends to have that effect.

      The GTR just continues to pull so absurdly hard the ZL1 literally can barely see it in the distance in just a span of seconds. If you needed to see just how fast an @ALPHA Performance built Alpha 12 GTR is this ZL1 provides great context. What a beast!

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      1. rawad1017's Avatar
        rawad1017 -
        ZL1 can't use it's power for nada anyway
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        Sticky -
        Why not? It puts it down well here.
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        rawad1017 -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Sticky Click here to enlarge
        Why not? It puts it down well here.
        i bet it heat soaked after this video was shot lol
      1. mjmarovi's Avatar
        mjmarovi -
        as expected a beat down, but definitely puts things into perspective as to how impressive a an Alpha 12 is, good find @Sticky. I'm looking forward to seeing some GTR vs C7 Stingray races though. I'm sure more and more will start popping up at the 2K events. I know the list of impressive cars is growing quite nicely for FL2K14 this October.
      1. ChuckD05's Avatar
        ChuckD05 -
        that is a fn ass beating LOL
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        Toxic 335 -
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        Steve B. CBR -

        There's the full length video.
      1. 65AMG's Avatar
        65AMG -
        AMS knows its business for sure. Great to see some fast GT-Rs now also from the AMS Dealers in Austria and Germany. There are some good builts coming up, from what I heard...Keep on the good work!
      1. BigM62's Avatar
        BigM62 -
        LOL. I think after the race the Camero driver was looking under the drivers seat for his missing balls.Click here to enlarge
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        MBA -
        wow that was bad
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        Sticky -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Toxic 335 Click here to enlarge

        Just a great vid. Haven't seen one like this that shows the speed so well in a while.
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        b00st3d -
        love how there site completely changed. They used to build DSMs...then moved to worlds fastest its really just GTRs. You can't even get them to look at your EVO anymore. With their GTRs...its still a loooooooooong wait. Alpha 12s are just beasts...end game. since they are just down the street....their GTRs and EVOs roam the streets making my 335 look like a cracker jack toy. While I never get tired of seeing their videos....i do get tired of seeing them on the street.
      1. jmunro's Avatar
        jmunro -
        Even Einstein would be proud
      1. justohigh's Avatar
        justohigh -
        Alpha 12 against that zl1 is just no fair. I would have liked to see a fbo gtr go against that zl1. The fbo gtr' would probably still beat that zl1 though.