• 3.6 VR6 swapped MKVI Golf with twin turbos vs a Ferrari 458 Speciale from a roll

    HGP is a German tuner that specializes in Audi and VW products. They are pretty good at what they do as evidence by this MKVI Golf. The MKVI was not available with the VR6 engine as the MKV Golf was in R32 guise. HGP rectifies that by not only swapping in a VR6 motor but the larger 3.6 liter version. They then give it twin turbos good for around 745 horsepower pushed to all four wheels. Yep, that makes for a very serious Golf.

    The Ferrari is a stock car but it is not average 458. This is the Speciale model which as we saw in a race against a tuned 997.2 Turbo and a standard 458 Italia it is pretty damn fast. The speciale gets a power boost to 597 horsepower and about 90 pounds shaved off of it for a curb weight in the 32XX pound range. Combine that with a dual clutch transmission and power sent to the rear wheels and it makes for a very quick car from a roll.

    Even though the Golf has the power and torque advantage the Ferrari has the weight, shift speed, and aerodynamic advantages. This makes for a great race that is basically door to door with a slight edge to the Ferrari up top.

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      leveraged sellout -
      Such a beautiful car. I wonder how much cheaper that Golf swap really is...looking at that turbo plumbing is making me see $$$ in my head.
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      Sticky -
      It's not going to be cheap that's for sure.

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