• 6-speed manual Gintani Stage 2 supercharged E92 M3 vs. 6-speed manual single turbo BMS tuned N54 E92 335i from a roll

      Videos of single turbo N54's going up against supercharged E9X M3's are hard to come by so we will forgive the low cell phone video quality here as you can still clearly see what happens. The camera car is a single turbo E9X 335i with a Garrett GT37R single turbo conversion pushing roughly 22 psi. The red E92 M3 features a Gintani Stage 2 supercharger system at 7.5 psi of boost. Both cars have 6-speed manual transmissions.

      The first run is a second gear roll and the 335 gets a slight jump. The M3 quickly pulls even and past it though and continues to pull into the higher gears. A fairly-one sided race.

      The next run is a higher speed roll starting in 3rd gear. The M3 jumps on the second honk so this time it has an early lead. Due to this it quickly puts a few car lengths on the 335 and once the M3 flashes its lights the race is over.

      Highway pulls like this will favor the top end of the M3 as any torque advantage the 335 has is mitigated by the gearing and revs. Keeping in mind this is a centrifugal supercharger on the M3 and boost builds with the revs so winding it out only helps.

      There are obviously stronger examples of 335's as well as M3's out there but this type of highway race generally favors an M3.

      2008 BMW M3 (E92) 6MT
      Gintani Stage 2 Supercharger
      H&R Race Springs
      275 -Toyo R888 (Rears)
      RPI X-Pipe
      OEM Rear Section
      Style 219 OEM Wheels
      505whp on a DD - Approx. 560whp on dynojet.

      BMW 335i (E92) 6MT
      Single Turbo Garrett GT37R
      BBS LM Reps
      OEM Secondarys
      OEM Rear Section
      Made: 619whp on a race file
      -580whp time of the race.

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        It doesn't move? This is some impressive standing still performance:

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        That's the evolve supercharger kit... without the bumper installedClick here to enlarge Their intercooler setup is amazing....great at keeping temps in check. I'll be posting a thread soon about my experience with the kit.
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