• Jaguar looking to create a hardcore F-Type Club Sport Coupe with 400 pounds in weight reduction

      The F-Type is taking the place of the XK in the Jaguar lineup until the next generation XK comes about in a few years. That means the F-Type has some big shoes to fill especially on the top end of the performance spectrum. It looks like Jaguar intends to take the F-Type to the next level with a leaner F-Type Club Sport Coupe.

      With roughly 200 kilograms subtracted (how they will manage to take this much weight out is anyone's guess) the F-Type Coupe would get down to the ~3200 pound range. That would put it much closer to something like a 911 GT3.

      This is what F-Type program director Russ Varney had to say, "We have three or four things we are looking at for the next developments of the F-Type and a lightweight, harder version is a long way up that list. If you could get a couple of hundred kilos out of it, that would be a special car. We wonít get any weight savings of significance by looking at any one thing, so it has to be holistic across every part and thatís a lot of engineering."

      If this car would use a tweaked version of the 550 horsepower supercharged V8 or a new motor is unknown. When this car would come if it does is unknown as well. We will have to see what happens but a much lighter hardcore version has a high degree of enthusiast appeal. Let's hope Jaguar does it.


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        Great looking car. I hope they accomplish it. Its nice to see jaguar getting serious.
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        The new F Type - R Coupe is stupendous looking, this would be a ball tearer and game changer with anything near 500 ponies

        Did you see the Chris Harris F Type-R review... will see if I cna add it
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