• The Killer Bee - Active Autowerke Gen 2 Level III supercharged 2010 Dakar Yellow E92 M3 S65 V8 hits 632 wheel horsepower

      Yep, Active Autowerke's Generation II Level III E9X M3 supercharger kit is the real deal and one of the strongest options on the platform. As if there should be any doubt at this point but if there was after seeing these results it should absolutely vanish. 632 horsepower at the wheels on the 5252 Motorsports Dyno Dynamics dynamometer. The correction factor used has the dyno reading similarly to a Dyonjet as an E92 M3 baselined 345 wheel horsepower stock.

      Putting the numbers in context shows the Active Level III kit adding just under 300 horsepower at the wheels to the 4.0 liter S65 V8. That is something to brag about. 300+ horsepower bolted onto a 4.0 liter 12.0:1 compression V8 with over 100 horsepower per liter off the showroom floor is special in of itself but Active doing it with a beautifully tuned supercharger kit is icing on the cake. Just look at the horsepower curve and air/fuel numbers. Who says tuning is not an art form?

      Dynographs and a dyno video below. The lower horsepower graphs actually were runs before the 632 wheel number. The car was adding power, not losing it, after subsequent runs as one might conventionally think.

      This car belongs to BimmerBoost member @IMHOWTFFTW. Respect from BimmerBoost.

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        The dyno correction factor is set to read like a dyno jet

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        Damn! Impressive figures. Don't Dyno Dynamics usually read a bit less than DynoJet? I was over 600whp un corrected 400wtq on a cold night. Enjoy!