• Volkswagen calls its United States presence and operations a 'disaster' - How do you improve VW sales in the USA?

    You probably know that Volkswagen makes boatloads of money every year and is an automotive giant. What you may not know is that the Volkswagen brand itself runs at a loss in the United States. VW is having trouble succeeding in the United States where it suffers from a cheap or value image that is not shared in Europe where it is by far the number one seller. The head of Volkswagen in North America stepped down late last year likely due to the declining sales figures and losses.

    Bernd Osterloh is a member of VW's supervisory board and stated, "The U.S. are a case of disaster. I believe we can react quickly if we're in need of (personnel) changes."

    Volkswagen is aware of its struggles and seems to be embarrassed by them. Are more personnel changes the answer? Perhaps the answer is producing models seen as on par with the competition? How about some serious performance cars? How about a sports car? How about something exciting?

    The lineup is bland. The only model that really gets enthusiasts attention is the Golf R. The Phaeton was not the answer as it failed miserably when put against the established luxury brands. Nobody wants an expensive Volkswagen masquerading as a Bentley or Audi. It will never have the brand appeal of Bentley or Audi.

    What Volkswagen needs to do is produce cars that are priced well and perform well. The VW tuning scene is alive and well in the USA showing there are dedicated enthusiasts. The cars they make are solid but the lineup does seem boring. Bringing over some of the models they sell in Europe and not in the USA certainly would help. The Scirocco for example as well as the Amarok pickup. Whatever it is that VW decides to do they definitely need to make the lineup more diverse and exciting.


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    1. Puerto Rican 335d's Avatar
      Puerto Rican 335d -
      Bring the AMAROK, stop BSing people and trust me I will BUY ONE to join the ranks of my 335d
    1. Sticky's Avatar
      Sticky -
      They need to do a bunch of things. Amarok, Scirocco, Golf R Evo, etc.

      Beetle R too.

      Their lineup is just boring.
    1. astamir's Avatar
      astamir -
      they need to improve on quality for sure specially on mechanical side like the auto tranny and a lot of other things vw as the other companies paying too much attention to a financial profit rather then to a quality of cars they are selling