• Elapsed time, trap speed, and 60 foot illustrated well - Modified E92 335is versus a 2012 C6 ZR1 on the 1/4 mile dragstrip

      People often do not understand the relation between many of the components that make affect what a car runs on a drag strip. Often someone will say a car runs '11's' as if that gives the complete performance picture. At what trap speed does it run in the 11's? What is the 60 foot? What about the 1/8 mile numbers? Various cars have many different strengths and weaknesses and the various parts of a 1/4 mile timeslip can provide a picture as to what those are (and often the main weakness is the driver).

      In the left lane you have an E92 335is running a BMS JB4 and a backend flash. In the other lane you have what is presumably a stock 2012 Corvette ZR1 which is a 10 second capable car off the showroom floor. Both cars have drag radials which on paper means they should both get fairly good traction.

      Well, the actual timeslip paper shows that not to be the case. The 335is runs a 11.770 @ 119.18 to the ZR1's 11.602 @ 128.33. The cars run times that are very close but have trap speeds that are very different. The ZR1 is the much faster car although marginally quicker. A look at the 60 foot times for both shows why.

      A decent launch from the 335is shows a 1.862 60 foot. The ZR1 struggles to launch and this results in a 2.130 60 foot. If the ZR1 matched the 335is 60 foot it would result in getting very close to the 10 second range.

      This timeslip illustrates well how a faster car can potentially lose in a drag race. It also shows how important the driver maximizing his setup is to the end result.

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        Just installed the inline booster pump. Click here to enlarge Back on map 6, FP is right on target even with long extended pulls - 20 lbs of boost tapering to 18 and 11+ degrees of timing. Might be my ticket to low to mid 11's and 123+ trap. I was planning on going to track tonight if weather clears up.