• 2016 B9 Audi A4 picture renderings

      The replacement for the current B8 A4 is already testing and AudiBoost published spyphotos of the upcoming B9 A4 last week. As is customary with a round of new spyphotos comes a round of computer rendering speculation as to what the new car will look like. It is a hit or miss game but the pictures show what would be a very conservatively styled B9 A4 generation. It does look classy and very refined taking the A4 somewhat upscale in manner similar to what the new C-Class has done with its styling.

      The front features the new LED headlights Audi is pointing to as being the future of their styling. The car will not arrive until 2015 sometime likely as a 2016 model year car so who knows how much the styling will change until then. It never hurts to get a possible sneak peak.

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        I dig if the front end is slightly more aggressive