• Volkswagen reveals the Beetle Dune Concept - Raised, widebody Beetle

    Volkswagen decided to give the Beetle an all terrain look by raising it two inches and adding widened arches. The end result is a meaner looking Beetle but what exactly is the point here? With the Dune variant the Beetle is still front wheel drive meaning that despite its electronic locking differential power is still sent to the front wheels meaning the Dune won't be able to reach the off-road areas is it designed to look like it can.

    The vehicle looks great with the widened stance but it would be great if this car had all wheel drive and the design actually served an off-road purpose instead of being cosmetic. The chances of the Dune Beetle Concept actually making production are pretty slim.

    Pictures and press release below.


    -Beetle Dune concept is a potential version of the design icon
    -Customized design and ski rack at the rear

    Wolfsburg / Detroit, January 2014 The Beetle is a phenomenon, regardless of where it shows up in the world: People are always happy to see this car, whether it's the coupe or the Convertible. With the world premiere of the Beetle Dune at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Volkswagen is giving the public the chance to see a Beetle with a cool and rugged offroad look.

    The Dune concept shows the potential for a new production version of the sportiest Beetle ever. The body was raised by two inches and the designers bolted a pair of skis to the roof to show the vehicle's go-anywhere intentions. Its name, raised ground clearance, and all-terrain look hark back to the VW Bugs that conquered beaches and dunes in times past. In the summer, simply swap the skis for a sandboard.

    The Dune revisits an idea that was born with the New Beetle Dune concept, presented in Los Angeles in 2000. While the concept car shown in California was not very realistic, especially with its interior and roof structure, the 2014 Dune Concept is a lot more feasible.

    The Dune follows the production R-Line Beetle in its running gear. The 210-horsepower turbocharged TSI engine, together with a six-speed DSG dual-clutch automatic transmission, will handle the trip to whatever destination you choose. And just like the R-Line, the Dune puts its power to the ground via the front wheels and a strut-type front and multilink rear suspension, with the XDS electronic differential lock providing further traction.

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