• TuningTech FS Comparative Testing of E46 M3 S54 Headers, Tune, & More

      This Saturday we had the liberty of testing many products first hand at our facility. We perform multiple dyno runs on each individual change. (3-4 back to back) Although, we mainly focus on tuning of the different platforms. These testing opportunities allows us to gain a better first hand knowledge of some of the products on the market to help provide a more accurate expectation to our customers.

      We had an almost stock car visit our shop. I say almost stock because he had a K&N filter with less than 7k on it. All runs were done on the same day, same gas, same fan, and same Wrench Monkeys.

      Here are the results. Please note all runs are best of 3 and sometimes 4.


      Shiny, We have no fitment issues

      Great fitment

      Headers run

      Headers with RTX Section 1.

      Headers vs Headers/RTX


      We also swapped out an oem intake elbow for an an aftermarket version sold by many vendors, which was tested after the tuning and concluded zero gain and zero loss. However, it is fair to note that due to the build quality of such elbows it is more resistant to heat relative to the stock elbow.

      Overall it was a great day. We were pleased with the stepped headers because it did as expected and provided great low end torque and the tune really made it a complete package by providing the top end power. It was great to see such a gain from the tune despite the opportunity of letting the car adapt to the changes.

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