• Check out Porsche test drivers flogging the Macan on the test track

      In case for some odd reason you were doubting the capability of the upcoming Macan, the video below should change your mind. You should already know the Macan S and Macan Turbo are both coming with V6 turbocharged power. The power of the SUV is not in question as thanks to the turbo powerplants it will have plenty of horsepower and torque on tap. What about the handling capability? Can this thing actually be used on a roadcourse?

      The answer is yes as the video below demonstrates. Porsche is clearly taking the track capability seriously and with the Macan undercutting the Cayenne by roughly ~600 pounds while also having a lower center of gravity it should offer very impressive handling performance. This is going to be a very exciting entry in the performance SUV segment.

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