• Audi B8 S4 runs an impressive 11.61@118.33 1/4 mile

      The 3.0 TFSI supercharged V6 motor just continues to impress. An S-Tronic dual clutch B8 S4 at the Byron Dragway in Illinois managed a very impressive 11.61@118.33 1/4 mile run. This was done on 100+ octane race gas with an ECU tune, APR pulley, Stasis exhaust, Strat intake, and the stock cats still in place. Conditions were very favorable with density altitude in the negative numbers at -473 with 45 degree weather.

      It is no surprise that drag numbers improve was winter approaches. Still, just about mid 11's with bolt ons is certainly respectable.

      This is approaching the maximum of what the stock blower is capable of with the 3.0 TFSI and to see 10's on the platform a blower upgrade is likely going to be necessary.

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      1. Adrenacide's Avatar
        Adrenacide -
        Impressive! I can't wait to see what the new blower from APR does.
      1. DFM's Avatar
        DFM -
        Driver was hoping for 11.65. I bet he was happy. Awesome run
      1. Puerto Rican 335d's Avatar
        Puerto Rican 335d -
        Yep with that pulley he made that great run, boy oh boy I miss my 02 MCS with 200 whp, damn it!!