• 532 wheel horsepower GTI? No problem, CTS GTX3071 Turbo kit on a MKVI GTI tuned by GIAC puts down impressive power

    Great results here from a MKVI Volkswagen GTI. The car features a turbo kit from the friendly Canadians over at CTS Turbo. This car was put together by E&A Autosport which is located in Israel. The CTS Turbo kit features a Garrett GTX3071 billet ball bearing turbocharger. On 93 octane fuel plus meth injection the car put down an impressive 532 horsepower to wheels in STD correction. Tuning was done by GIAC based out of Irvine, CA.

    It would be great to get more details on this car and how they addressed the fuel system as well as transmission (DSG car) but the numbers are simply incredible.

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      Im the only know I know of running that turbo on an FSI engine. Might need to put a little fire under my tuner's back side then!
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      firstly, just to clarify, I wasn't challenging your knowledge on the subject, was honestly unsure of your experience with these engines. I apologize if my initial post came off as such.
      Secondly: "just tuners and their $$$$$" yes, I fully agree.

      now moving on...
      When was the OBD encryption overcome? Last I heard we are still flashing TSI engines in the MK6 by cracking open the ECU. Though as mentioned in previous posts there are some differences between the NA ECU and the ECUs found in the rest of the world (Such as your location)

      I've never seen any programming application for these ECUs (what are you using by the way?)
      So I can only go off of what I find looking around some debates between tuners. in these debates I hear them discussing things like torque models, compressor models, and turbine models with loads all intertwined making that one hurdle for tuning. i also heard there is a substantial amount of German language to work through.

      $#@! I for one would love to know if i can get a tune that limits boost and torque in first gear though.
      No offense taken. Just saying.

      The short cuts posted basically open individual maps. There is a co-relation amongst many of them so having their locations does not make it a walk in the park. The screen shots are from Alientech's ECM Titanium software.
      There is torque limitation per gear although I am not sure how it will work as I only have experience with a Golf R where it is not needed.
      A tool I know that can flash the MED17 found in VW is the CMD made by Flashtec so they are available.