• Edmunds compares the Porsche Cayman S manual to the 2014 Corvette C7 Stingray

      A mismatch? On paper certainly but Edmunds decided to go pricing and if going by pricing the Cayman S is the closer car to compare to the new C7 Corvette than the Porsche 911. But Porsche's are not about value per dollar. One of the appealing aspects of a Porsche is that it is a luxury item that is exclusive. It really is the 911 that has traditionally been compared to the Corvette but we have seen plenty of those comparisons already even from Edmunds themselves so here is the new Vette versus the Cayman S.

      So which is the faster car? That would be the Corvette which is not surprising in the least. A 6.2 liter V8 with 460 horsepower better be faster than a 3.6 liter six-cylinder with 325 horsepower. The Cayman S hangs in surprisingly well though with a 12.8@108.8 1/4 mile sprint to the C7's 12.4@113.7. If the Cayman S was equipped with the PDK transmission versus the manual gearbox this would be even closer.

      What about handling? The Cayman goes through the slalom at 72.2 miles per hour to the Corvette's 73.5 miles per hour. That is very impressive for the Corvette considering it is heavier and not a mid-engine setup. The Vette also scored more grip on the skidpad with 1.05 g to the Cayman S's 1.0 g. These two numbers correlate with a quicker laptime for the Vette around the Streets of Willow Springs roadcourse. The C7 managed a 1:24.6 decisively beating the Cayman S 1:27.0.

      Despite the Corvette's numbers besting the Cayman in every performance category Edmund's chooses the Cayman S as the better sports car. It's connection to the driver is stated as being superior and it is more fun to drive. If Porsche did not artificially hold the Cayman S back to protect the image of the 911, who knows what would happen. Enjoy the video below.

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        benzy89 -
        Between this & Motor Trend, I'm done with the US Magazine reviews..... I'm just waiting for the new Euro Top Gear season to start since they're the 1st tv show to get a McLaren P1 test, so you know Clarkson's gonna properly beat on it
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        Sticky -
        US reviews are way better than European reviews and Top Gear is more entertainment than anything else.
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        I drove my first porsche today. It was 986 Cayman S with a manual. Phenomenal car. absolutely superb. I can only imagine the 981 is even more enthralling. The results do not surprise me after my little test drive today. I would be interested to see what tires were on the two cars. .05g on the skidpad is close, and if the vette is packing better rubber....well there you have it.