• Auto Express takes a spin in the Audi RS Q3

      Auto Express reviews are not exactly what AudiBoost would call the best in the industry. Far from it actually but since they got their hands on the Audi RS Q3 and since this vehicle is coming to the USA here we are. As a reminder, the RS Q3 features Audi's award winning 2.5 liter turbocharged and direct injected five-cylinder in a detuned state of 310 horsepower. This is paired to an all wheel drive drivetrain with a seven speed S-Tronic dual clutch transmission.

      So what does Auto Express think about it? Well, they like the SUV but say it fills a tight niche and appeal will be limited. AudiBoost disagrees as this type of SUV with less weight and getting good mileage while offering excellent performance will be very popular in the United States.

      So what are the performance numbers? Good question. This being Auto Express no hard data is provided. It will be interesting to see how quick this SUV is but what is great to note is that the ride quality is pretty good and that the SUV handles very well. With an aftermarket tune this is going to be one of the best values in the performance SUV market.

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      1. BlackJetE90OC's Avatar
        BlackJetE90OC -
        I actually kinda like it.
      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        I really like it, great car.
      1. Puerto Rican 335d's Avatar
        Puerto Rican 335d -
        I like it to!!
      1. onisyndicate's Avatar
        onisyndicate -
        APR stage 3 anyone? low 11s SAV anyone?
      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by onisyndicate Click here to enlarge
        APR stage 3 anyone? low 11s SAV anyone?
        EXACTLY! Maybe 10's as it has a dual clutch unlike the TT-RS they ran...