• The Audi RS Q3 is reportedly coming stateside for 2014!

      So says Car and Driver in their latest report that the United States of America will indeed get to sample the brilliant Audi RS Q3. For those who are not familiar the Audi Q3 is positioned below the Q5 being smaller, cheaper, and lighter. The RS Q3 is the highest performance version of the Q3 model sporting 310 horsepower from the turbocharged and direct injected 2.5 liter inline-5 motor. This same motor produces 360+ horsepower in the TT-RS.

      Combine this awesome powerplant with a curb weight of 3814 pounds and you have quite the potent performance sport utility vehicle. Consider that a simple tune will bring this car up to the 400 horsepower range as it is detuned to not step on the toes of the SQ5 big brother. Also consider that APR's 600+ wheel horsepower turbo upgrade kit for the TT-RS will likely be able to be applied (with changes of course) to the RS Q3 which has the exact same motor.

      Excellent news and let's all hope it is correct.

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        I'm so stoked for this little thing!
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        any update on this?
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        None. It's up in the air.