• HRE Wheels gives a glimpse of what a 2014 991 GT3 will look like lowered on aftermarket rims with HRE P101 rendering

      The new 991 GT3 has everyone drooling as it should. This is arguably the best driver's 911 ever created. Not much really needs to be done to accentuate the look but for owners looking to personalize the car having the same rims as every other GT3 is a bit boring. Also considering that this is a GT3 it needs rims on the level of the car. That means simply the best money can buy. The best money can buy is HRE Wheels.

      So what do we have here? The new GT3 rendered on the brand spanking new HRE P101 wheels. The wheels are a forged monoblok and part of the new P1 Monoblok series HRE formally introduced last month. The wheels are strong, lightweight, and exactly the level of wheel that belongs on a GT3 offering great looks without compromising performance.

      Sexy? You bet.

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      1. charliekay's Avatar
        charliekay -
        Very nice. I had the original pic from Porsche of the second one as my wallpaper, now changed to this. Click here to enlarge
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        HRE_Wheels -
        Thanks Sticky!
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        leveraged sellout -
        That's just straight porn. Absolutely beautiful. I thought I wanted the old GT3 badly...
      1. HRE_Wheels's Avatar
        HRE_Wheels -
        On P40SC wheels...

        Click here to enlarge
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        Sticky -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by HRE_Wheels Click here to enlarge
        The center locking is just tits.
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        mpower33 -
        wow the car looks amazing
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        HRE_Wheels -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by mpower33 Click here to enlarge
        wow the car looks amazing
        Thank you!