• Check out this APR Stage 3 Audi TT-RS GT35R turbo upgrade installation by RS WORX

      The big news in the Audi 2.5 TFSI tuning community as of late is the release of the APR Stage III Garett GT35R turbo package as well as the APR HPFP (high pressure fuel pump) upgrade which makes over 600 wheel horsepower possible. RS WORX (Redline Speed Worx) in the Tri-State area recently did an install of the APR Stage III kit on an Audi TT-RS taking detailed photos of the process. This is the first TT-RS to get the Stage III GT35R upgrade outside of APR's own facility.

      Enjoy the build below, this is a hell of an upgrade and great work by RS WORX.

      Redline Speed Worx is Proud to not only announce the release of the APR Stage 3 TTRS System for the 2.5T, but to also introduce you all to the FIRST Stage 3 GTX3576 equipped 2.5T that was built outside of APR's Headquarters in Alabama. The team at RS WORX is honored to have ad the opportunity to complete this build prior to the kits full release!

      To start here is a shot of the 100% stock un-molested engine bay.

      The APR Stage 3 System is centered around the LARGE GTX 3576 Billet wheeled turbocharger, which is capable of making more horsepower than any previously released Stage 3 system has done to date. So to say we are excited was an understatement, as we have been waiting to see these levels of output for many years!

      Our friends at APR took their time honing in the components in which this upgrade was built upon. In true APR fashion the tubular manifold, compressor inlet, as well as turbocharger downturn were all VERY high quality pieces, made to the tightest of tolerances. As you will see there wasn't much room for error on the 2.5T in the MKII TTRS chassis!

      This is the first time the engineers at APR have felt the need / requirement to run a fully dedicated external waste gate. They have spared no expense and chosen to utilize the newest Tial valve, the watercooled MVC 38MM!

      The APR modified GTX3576 compressor cover to allow for a "bolt-on" OEM style compressor inlet.

      One of our favorite benefits of using an APR product is the attention to detail. Every components of this massive upgrade is broken down and packaged by part number, which leaves little room for error while moving through the installation process.

      With a methodical approach, EVERYTHING is included down to every nut, bolt, fastener, and washer!

      One of the most tedious tasks of this upgrade is just breakdown and removing all the factory Audi under body paneling & shields. Once removed one can only begin to get a glimpse of how many components are going to have to be removed from the vehicle in order to get this massive Garrett turbocharger fully installed.

      This isn't Redline Speed Worx's first rodeo, were are not strangers to tearing down practically brand new, perfectly operating limited addition vehicles. We made quick work of removing the complete subframe assembly and steering rack from the TTRS.

      We made quick work of removing the factory downpipe and exhaust system.

      We were in the very near future going to be putting the KW Variant 3 Suspension to work!

      The factory TTRS 2.5T catalyst was surprisingly large, and quite understandably a very restrictive component holding the TTRS from its true potential!

      For reference that is a 5" diameter downturn coming directly off the turbocharger.

      The next step on the build was the tackle the TTRS's massive transmission! But first we had to get the angle drive (transfer case) un-bolted and out of the way before we attempted removal.

      The TTRS's beefy output shaft was now revealed. It feels good known the 2.5T is built with such stout components, especially known what is in store for it over the coming weeks...

      ... and there you have it, the OEM AUDI 2.5T TTRS turbocharger assembly in all its glory.

      With a bit of massaging the TTRS gearbox is out of the vehicle. It did require ALOT of love to get it out of the engine bay....

      With the transmission removed we were able to get our first look at the factory OEM Audi TTRS clutch assembly.

      With the power and abuse the team at Redline Speed Worx was going to be putting this Audi through we knew the only choice was to contact our good friends over at South Bend Clutch, so out the stock unit went!

      South Bend Clutch (SBC) put together a custom offering for us to our specifications. The clutch was built around the use of a "Stage 3" Pressure plate, which had the required clamping force to stand up to consistent track use while still maintaining an almost stock like pedal feel, an 8 segmented sintered iron disc, and a lightweight single mass steel flywheel!

      We chose to make a slight addition / upgrade to the clutch package with the addition of ARP Flywheel hardware, as there have been some occurrences in the past of 5 cylinder Audi's snapping stock flywheel hardware, no chances were taken!

      The Southbend Stage 4 TTRS 2.5T clutch now fully installed it was time to wrestle the gearbox back into the vehicle again so we could get back on track with the turbocharger upgrade!

      Removal was quick and painless (well relatively), one of the benefits of breaking down brand new vehicles is you don't run into any issues of hardware not wanting to come apart!

      The stock turbocharger on the 2.5T 5 cylinder engine is a very impressive unit in its stock form! But as you all know, we have a problem when it comes to leaving perfectly good cars alone!

      Now for the best part of the build, the APR Stage 3 GTX 3576 Turbocharger, Tial 38MM MVC Wastegate, and APR Inconel Tubular V-band Exhaust Manifold

      A few shots comparing the stock unit to the APR...

      With everything removed, there appears to be ALOT of room to work with to get all the APR components installed, but with the massive billet wheeled turbocharger this space is filled quickly!

      If you have followed some of our other builds, you will already know we have a "thing" for heat reflective gold foil. We used quite a bit of it on the TTRS, but unfortunately in places not visible to the eye. To try and shield from the new levels of heat we took care to cover the the top of the gearbox as well as the angle drive!

      Transfer case, APR Turbocharger Inlet, APR Kevlar / Nomex Turbo blanket, and driveshaft are now all happily back in the TTRS. As you can see its a tight fit for all these high-end components. But as always APR's high level of skill ensured everything was a perfect fit!

      Getting the downpipe properly aligned was probably one of the harder parts of this installation, as not only are you aligning the downpipe assembly, but also the turbocharger discharge, and the recirculated waste gate plumbing.

      Once correctly fitting the 3" 304SS hand built, fully TIG welded downpipe fit perfectly around the TTRS's driveshaft.

      Since our TTRS was still equipped with the factory turbo-back exhaust system, we had to fabricate a mid pipe to connect to the APR RSC Catback exhaust. Due to us hoping to set record times at the track with this build we chose to go catless, with our off-road ONLY test pipe for maximum power output. Not to mention it also gives the 5 cylinder a more aggressive tone!

      With the APR RSC exhaust system now fully installed we were starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel....

      Now were mechanically all bolted up, and ready to complete the final component inspection!

      The last piece of the puzzle, perform the APR TTRS Stage 3 GTX 3576 ECU Upgrade!

      Finally the finished, fully installed engine bay! We chose to utilize a bit more NASA shuttle technology! As you can see other than the heat reflection preventatives, when looking under the hood it is very difficult to even comprehend the amount of awesome-ness that our friends at APR have put together for this Stage 3 Upgrade on the Audi TTRS!

      The APR Upgrade has completely transformed the TTRS into a true super-car killer, the performance and drivability of the kit is un-matched by anything currently on the market for the 2.5T engine.

      Please stay tuned as we progress with the build of our TTRS, and put all of these components to the test!

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      1. Adrenacide's Avatar
        Adrenacide -
        Such a clean build. Gotta love APR.
      1. DFM's Avatar
        DFM -
        Outstanding work. thakn you for posting.
      1. chrisisnapping's Avatar
        chrisisnapping -
        I love the fact that the stock air box is retained. Supposedly it does a great job.
      1. chrisisnapping's Avatar
        chrisisnapping -
        another piece of the puzzle

        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by PAT @ RS WORX Click here to enlarge
        Time for Updates!

        The last piece of the puzzle has arrived! So yesterday we got busy on the TTRS! The small "spray painted" black stock intercooler just was not up to the task to say the least...

        Click here to enlarge
        ttrs_apr_stg3_FMIC_install_1 by Redline Speed Worx, on Flickr

        We made quick work of removing the stock assemblies...and got the upgraded APR support brace installed!

        Click here to enlarge
        ttrs_apr_stg3_FMIC_install_5 by Redline Speed Worx, on Flickr

        Click here to enlarge
        ttrs_apr_stg3_FMIC_install_3 by Redline Speed Worx, on Flickr

        Click here to enlarge
        ttrs_apr_stg3_FMIC_install_4 by Redline Speed Worx, on Flickr

        Some wiring harness extensions are required for the horns

        Click here to enlarge
        ttrs_apr_stg3_FMIC_install_2 by Redline Speed Worx, on Flickr

        Full assembly, all done.

        Click here to enlarge
        ttrs_apr_stg3_FMIC_install_7 by Redline Speed Worx, on Flickr

        Time to cut this non-sense out

        Click here to enlarge
        ttrs_apr_stg3_FMIC_install_8 by Redline Speed Worx, on Flickr
      1. chrisisnapping's Avatar
        chrisisnapping -
        They took it out to Island today for the first time.
        Click here to enlarge
      1. chrisisnapping's Avatar
        chrisisnapping -
        Best of 11.373@126.25
        they say they're going to iron out some details in the tune with APR and do some weight reduction.
      1. DFM's Avatar
        DFM -
        129 trap is no joke. Do you know what tires the car was running? I could see this cracking 10's with some weight reduction and slicks.
      1. chrisisnapping's Avatar
        chrisisnapping -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by DFM Click here to enlarge
        129 trap is no joke. Do you know what tires the car was running? I could see this cracking 10's with some weight reduction and slicks.
        not 100% sure. i know pictures I've seen looks like stock Continentals, but not sure if they go DRs at the track.

        They're hitting the track again tomorrow with some updates, here's hoping for a 130-132:
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by PAT @ RS WORX Click here to enlarge
        Looks like where on to hit the track again tomorrow! Made a few upgrades, both in hard parts, software changes, and different pilot!

        With all the software revisions we have been working on with our friends down at APR, we needed to get a boost gauge in the vehicle, and felt this vent mount / defi combo was the trick!

        Click here to enlarge
        ttrs_apr_boost_gauge_defi_Install by Redline Speed Worx, on Flickr

        We have confirmed that in this application the VWR 2.5T Intake does yield approx. 15-20HP, so its currently being installed

        Click here to enlarge
        apr_vwr_ttrs_intake_3 by Redline Speed Worx, on Flickr

        Click here to enlarge
        apr_vwr_ttrs_intake_2 by Redline Speed Worx, on Flickr

        Click here to enlarge
        apr_vwr_ttrs_intake_1 by Redline Speed Worx, on Flickr

        We have also added the upgraded rear sway bar from 034 Motorsport to the vehicle!

        Click here to enlarge
        rsworx_apr_stage3_ttrs_rsb_install by Redline Speed Worx, on Flickr

        Click here to enlarge
        rsworx_stg3_034_rsb_billet_mounts by Redline Speed Worx, on Flickr

        Upon our first trip to the track with this vehicle we were on all 100% OEM mounts, and well the repeated abuse didn't leave the TTRS's subframe mount in too good of condition. So we went ahead and installed the billet VWR mount!

        Click here to enlarge
        apr_vwr_ttrs_subframe_mount_1 by Redline Speed Worx, on Flickr
      1. ChuckD05's Avatar
        ChuckD05 -
        this is an absolute work of art , and the car matches it
      1. chrisisnapping's Avatar
        chrisisnapping -
        Here's a picture of the intake installed
        Click here to enlarge

        They broke into the 10s last night. Trap wasn't much higher but they shaved off a bunch of time, they also picked up 4mph in the front 1/8th.
        Click here to enlarge

        they are also working on a shop e46 m3 that @undercover is tuning. They're shooting for 1000hp with a SAAD turbo kit.
      1. fundahl's Avatar
        fundahl -
        Good job and great kit!
      1. SLV335I's Avatar
        SLV335I -
        That install looks so clean. And the 129mph trap is amazing for just a bolt on turbo kit.