• APR releases Stage I ECU tune for the 3.6 liter FSI VR6 motor - $499

    The 3.6 liter FSI version of the VR6 does not get too much love partially due to being the newest member of the VR6 engine family and also partially due to being direct injected. Fret not 3.6 liter FSI VR6 owners, APR just released a Stage I ECU tune for your motor. On 93 octane fuel a stock car will put down 234 horsepower at the wheels. With the same fuel and the Stage I APR tune this output rises by 11 wheel horsepower to 245 at the wheels.

    100 octane fuel changes the peak figure to 246 wheel horsepower. Only one horse but torque rises by five pound-feet to 254 pound-feet at the wheels with 100 octane. Versus stock, the 100 octane file gives a peak torque gain of 42 pound-feet at the crank. It will likely take a more aggressive Stage II tune to get even more out of the higher octane fuel.

    In addition to horsepower and torque gains the redline is increased from 6700 rpm to 7100 rpm.

    The tune is priced at a reasonable $499 and applies to the 2006-2009 Audi Q7, 2008-2011 Volkswagen CC, 2006-2010 Volkswagen Passat, and 2006-2010 second generation Touareg.

    The ECU tune is a nice upgrade but let's see some turbos on the 3.6 VR6 FSI.

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