• Turbo built motor E36 M3 (PT67) surprises a Shelby GT500 Mustang... badly

      The Shelby GT500 Mustang is an awesome vehicle offering a ton of power at a great price. Owners of the vehicles can be excused for feeling like they own the road as most cars will be in their rear view mirror. Not all cars though and this GT500 owner got a bit of a surprise running into a turbocharged and built S52 motor E36 M3 on E85. The car belongs to BimmerBoost vendor alex@ABRhouston who was able to get his go-pro out to record what happened in the encounter.

      Basically, the Mustang gets embarrassed and the video is edited humorously to reflect that. The Mustang probably has bolt on modifications but this race is over before it begins. There is a rundown of the modifications to the M3 below the video to give some context to the result. It puts down 640 to the wheels on a Mustang Dyno and with a curb weight around ~650 pounds lighter than the GT500, it makes for a fast car:


      S52 3.2
      86.4mm bore and 89.6mm stroke
      Eagle Hbeam rods, ARP Rod studs.
      JE custom turbo pistons and rings
      8.5:1 compression.
      ARP crankshaft main bearing studs
      ARP S54 12mm head studs, torqued to 100ft/lbs
      Cylinder head Oringed with stainless wire
      Radius exhaust seats, proprietary intake seat cut, small amount of smoothing to combustion chamber, small amount of casting smoothing to runners
      666fabrications 10g stainless tubular T4 non split tanginal turbo manifold
      Precision turbo's PT67 T4 turbo with compressor race housing, .63 AR hot side
      4" intake to turbo behind passenger fog lamp.
      3" charge piping
      32x12x4" thick core intercooler.
      4" 304 stainless 14G exhaust, 2 magnaflow mufflers (straight thru mufflers) near the transmission, Vibrant 4" street muffler at the bumper. (its QUIET for 4" exhaust. No turbo whine)
      46mm Precision Turbo recirculated wastegate back into exhaust
      HKS SSQV sequential blow off valve
      S50 intake swap
      The entire fuel system is plumbed with Earl's Prolite 350 hose and Earls ano-tuff fittings.
      Weldon 2025 fuel pump
      Weldon 14000 fuel pump controller with boost activated switch @ 2 psi of boost.
      Weldon pre filter (40 micron) post filter (10 micron) located in spare tire wheel well. Spare tire still fits.
      -10 line from the tank to the pump, -8 to the fuel rail
      -10 fuel rail custom made with $#@!in' billet mounts
      2000cc Injector Dynamics fuel injectors
      13101 Aeromotive fuel pressure reguator.
      fuel pressure regulator is 1:1 ratio with vacuum/boost.
      AEM 30-1902U stand alone. The cable for interface is in the glovebox. It's attached to my serial port gage in the center console.
      AEM pro software included.
      RB racing turbo drain/scavenging pump plumbed with -10 line
      RB racing turbo drain pump timer
      Polyurethane engine mounts
      S54 engine cooler and oil filter housing assembly.
      Dual SPAL fans, one is run by the ECU, the other by a low temp switch
      TWS 10-60 castrol oil, changed 12/12. Additional oil change comes with the car.
      New set of ignition coils last dyno session.

      Factory 5 speed
      Clutchmasters FX700 twin disc sintered bronze clutch.
      Redline shockproof oil changed 8/12
      SFI approved scatter shield blanket around the bellhousing
      Polyurethane mounts
      UUC ultimate short shift kit with UUC weighted shifter.

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      1. COLIVERtwist's Avatar
        COLIVERtwist -
        love the video editing!
      1. Puerto Rican 335d's Avatar
        Puerto Rican 335d -
        wheres the video cant seem to load or find it
      1. alex@ABRhouston's Avatar
        alex@ABRhouston -
        There is a Vimeo number up at a previous post....
      1. folgrz's Avatar
        folgrz -
        lmfao video is hilarious
      1. Black335i's Avatar
        Black335i -
      1. bigdnno98's Avatar
        bigdnno98 -
        I haven't seen a GT500 get smashed that bad before. I want your car!!!!! LOL
      1. alex@ABRhouston's Avatar
        alex@ABRhouston -
        that wasnt even a race honestly, i missed 4th gear (clutched out into neutral lol) and had to drop back into 4th- so i lost all my boost between shifts as well.

        and if you want to see a race- my car needs a 3/4/5 pull to shine. it will pull on a stock 1000 bike, and smashes the hell out of 600's and 750's.

        I need to get that thing out more and hurt some more feelings Click here to enlarge
      1. Mike@VAC's Avatar
        Mike@VAC -
      1. alex@ABRhouston's Avatar
        alex@ABRhouston -
        Thanks buddy!
      1. Marcadelic's Avatar
        Marcadelic -
        do you have any other videos?!
      1. alex@ABRhouston's Avatar
        alex@ABRhouston -
        No not many. I wish I had some better kills, but its hard to find cars worth the fuel.
      1. continue5's Avatar
        continue5 -
      1. .blackgt.'s Avatar
        .blackgt. -
        If you babied this car, what MPG would you estimate? Obviously you didn't build it for that purpose, just curious.
      1. alex@ABRhouston's Avatar
        alex@ABRhouston -
        it gets on average high teens/low 20's if you dont stick your foot in it.
      1. Flinchy's Avatar
        Flinchy -
        ... what sorta power is it putting down (or.. 1/4 ET/traps?)
      1. alex@ABRhouston's Avatar
        alex@ABRhouston -
        640/720 on a mustang dyno. Why u no read for sale thread?! Click here to enlarge
        Been wanting to bring it to the track for S&G'S but I'm too busy at the shop this month to even THINK about it. I have the Mercedes I'm airbagging, this week I'm Lone Ranger (again) at the shop, and I'm supposed to airbag a 745 by 8/31 for import nights.....

        Plus build some N54s.
        Plus make a bellhousing for a N54/4l60e
        plus sell my m3
        plus sell a friends m3
        plus buy a xi
        plus build an engine for it

        do work son! I'm running 12-14 hour days 6 days a week (sometimes 7!)
        I sold a 911 today for a customer- I had over 40 calls on it today..... Talk about not getting things done! Lol
      1. bakeme521's Avatar
        bakeme521 -
        Judging by the halogen headlights and the looks of the rear quarter glass it doesn't look like a new gt500. Doesn't really matter tho b/c you drug his ass down the street and he was surprised as hell haha. Awesome kill OP.