• Comparing the 958 Cayenne Turbo to the Range Rover Sport on and off road

      The Cayenne has been a great success for Porsche despite what people may think of the idea of a Porsche SUV. The 958 generation, the second generation Cayenne, evolved the formula to a lighter more road focused SUV. Range Rover has historically been a very off road capable SUV but like the Cayenne is also evolving namely with the Range Rover Sport into a performance sporty utility for the street. The question is, which SUV is more capable in which environment? Do these SUV's still offer strong off road performance?

      So how do these two stack up?

      Range Rover Sport:

      • 503-hp, 450-lb-ft, 5.0L Supercharged Direct Injection V8
      • 0-60 in 5.3 seconds
      • 5092 pound curb weight
      • 155 mph top speed
      • $79,995 base price
      • 1:00.52 lap time

      Porsche 958 Cayenne Turbo:

      • 500-hp, 516-lb-ft, 4.8L Turbocharged Direct Injectionl V8
      • 0-60 in 4.5 seconds
      • 4784 pound curb weight
      • 175 mph top speed
      • $110,400 base price
      • 57.60 lap time

      The Cayenne is quicker on the street. It handles better. It offers more feedback. It has a higher top speed. It's lighter. It's also starts about $30k more expensive which is not insignificant. It is the better performance street SUV.

      The off-road comparison is interesting. The Porsche is not wearing off-road tires but still does surprisingly well. It is able to traverse the trail AutoCar chose just as well as the Range Rover. They call it a draw.

      So, the Porsche overall is chosen as the better SUV that is practically as capable off-road but with superior on road performance. Both are great SUV's and the Range Rover Sport definitely is an improvement. The Porsche Cayenne though is just better as it should be for the price premium. Video below.

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