• MKVII Golf R preview, picture rendering

    The most anticipated upcoming Volkswagen model for enthusiasts is definitely the MKVII Golf R. The Golf R was captured completing testing on the Nurburgring and Volkswagen will be doing the official reveal any time from now until the Frankfurt show. So what will the car look like? Courtesy of this rendering we can get an idea and basically what one should expect is a more aggressive looking MKVII GTI.

    The artist only did the front (don't be lazy!) but based on current VW styling language for the MKVII it appears to be accurate although very similar to the MKVII GTI. This is basically that same design, lowered slightly, with a lip on the front bumper and more aggressive sideskirts. VWBoost hopes Volkswagen tweaks the looks a bit more than that.

    The MKVII Golf is a great design so no doubt the Golf R will be pleasing to the eyes. We are all sufficiently teased, bring the car on already VW.

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