• The world's quickest and fastest four cylinder quattro drag car - AudiBoost member speeding-g60's 1.8T 20V stroker Quattro coupe good for 9.3@153

      Much. Respect. This is the kind of thing AudiBoost is all about. The car here belongs to speeding-g60 and below you will find all that has gone into making one of the most ridiculously impressive 1.8T (the engine is stroked but started as a 1.8T) powered drag cars. Who says a small Audi four banger can't be fast? How about 9.34@153 in the 1/4 mile? Incredibly impressive and more than worthy of respect. The full build list with specifications, videos, dynos, and time slips is below.

      Specs, slips, videos, graphs, and description in @speeding-g60 's own words:

      06A 20v 1.8T/2.0L Engine with small port head:
      Off the Shelf Integrated Engineering 20v 2008cc stroker motor.
      Supertech +1mm SS Nitrided intake valves and standard sized Inconel Exhaust Valves
      Hand ported AWP SMALL PORT head
      Integrated Engineering manual timing belt kit, SAI blockoff plate, pinned crank gear and hardware
      Custom underdrive billet alternator pulley by Issam/INA
      CATcams 1003756 Billet solid lifter cams
      Supertech HD Valve Springs, shimmed and blueprinted
      CAT solid lifters with Supertech over-valve tip lash caps
      Integrated Engineering standard 144mm H-beam Rifle-drilled Rods w/ARP 625 Rod Bolts
      JE 8.5:1 83mm Forged Pistons with tool steel pins
      92.8mm FSI crank with Integrated oil pump chain gearARP Main Studs
      ARP Head Bolts
      Fluidamper SFI rated balancer
      ACL Calico bearings
      All new Seals
      Motor assembly by myself and Joey at DJM
      Machining done by Brian @ M&B Cylinderhead (the very same guy who builds all of the HPF motors)

      Turbo Setup:
      Borg Warner S400sx FMW Billet 67mm T4 turbo, divided inlet 1.25 A/R hotside
      Horsepower Connection one-off custom twin scroll turbo manifold
      Dual Tial 38mm v-band Wastegate, dual 1.5" open dumps
      4” 304 Stainless fender exit exhaust pipe
      "1500 claimed hp" generic AWIC from Ebay
      Tial Q Blow off Valve
      Linder Power Systems 3" custom intercooler piping couplers, all custom Nubworks piping
      Rule 1100 AWIC pump, Nubworks custom ice-water reservoir
      Autronic controlled electronic boost control, gear-based and ramped.
      SEM longitudinal intake manifold, custom machined TB plate
      Summit Racing 75mm throttle body with Lokar throttle cable

      Engine Management:
      Autronic SM4 full standalone, provided and tuned by Kevin Black/Lugtronics
      Fulll custom harness for SM4 by Kevin Black/Lugtronics
      Autronic CDI500r ignition box, setup and provided by Kevin Black/Lugtronics
      Bosch Motorsports waste spark coil provided by Kevin Black/Lugtronics
      OEM 16v spark plug wires
      NGK R5671A-9 spark plugs, gapped @ .019 to .020
      All Stewart Warner gauges, harness by me
      NGK Powerdex wideband 02 setup
      All wiring in the car done by me

      B5 S4 01E 6-speed transmission case/housing
      PAR Engineering/Advanced Automotion custom geared straight cut dog engagement 4 speed gearset, gearing by Kevin Black/Lugtronics.
      REM/Isotropic micropolishing done to entire gearbox rotating assembly
      Wavetrac front differential, from Javad / 034 Motorsports
      Stock B3/CQ locking rear differential and driveshaft, welded center Torsen diff and rear diff always locked.
      Fully custom A1CVTech custom axles
      ClutchMasters FX7250 Twin-disc clutch w/steel Flywheel and Sintered Iron discs
      My own custom 11-bolt flywheel/crank setup
      My own SS braided clutch line with Magnus Motorsports Launch valve setup (i dont use)
      CNC staging brake and all custom SS braided brake lines
      My own full-solid Engine Mounts
      My own full-solid Transmission Mounts
      My own front and rear upper strut tower bars
      Coupe Quattro stock Girling 60 brakes w/ slotted rotors and generic pads
      My own full custom Coilovers with Bilstein HD struts and Eibach/QA1 Racing coils
      Factory/OEM forged control arms, front and rear
      My own custom radius rod steering arms and rear tie rods
      ALL 034 solid alum subframe bushings and Delrin control arm bushings sourced thru Issam/INA
      Centerline CONVO-PRO 15" wheels, 7.5" front and 8.5" rear
      M&H Racemaster 24.5-8.5/15 drag slicks all four corners, hand sized by John himself
      Transmission assembly by myself and Joey at DJM

      Dual Bosch 044 Fuel Pumps in custom Nubworks fuel cell with Integrated Engineering mounting plates
      Injector Dynamics 2000cc Injectors from Lugtronic/Kevin Black
      3BAR base fuel pressure
      Integrated Engineering billet fuel rail
      -10 Fuel Feed and -6 fuel return line, all SS braided lines
      100 micron -10 AN inline filter, after pumps
      Jay Racing dual 044 checkvalves
      Fuelab boost referenced Fuel Pressure Regulator
      ETHANOL E-98, from English Racing in Camas WA

      RS4 replica fiberglass bumper, modded (shaved fogs/turns)
      OEM Audi S2 rear bumper, shipped from UK
      Reiger Tuning Sideskirts
      Corbeau single race seat
      Fiber Images carbon fiber B4 hood
      My own fiberglass block off plates for headlights and turbo inlet
      Polycarbonate windshield, the OEM one was broken and near impossible to find
      Shaved/filled OEM mirror locations on the doors
      Polycarbonate sunroof delete plate

      Drag Racing specific parts:
      Full Custom 10 point NHRA legal roll cage, custom bent by S&W Racecars
      Stroud Parachute, custom mount
      Longacre wide-angle rear view mirror
      RCI trans blanket
      DJ window net
      RCI 6 point harness
      Summit Racing battery box and kill switch
      Cage self installed, self designed, and is legal to 8.50 seconds

      Car was dyno'd earlier in 2012 on Dynojet AWD dyno at 38 psi and medium timing and made 759 AWHP and 554 wtq. July 29th Kevin turned up timing in 3rd and 4th gears by one degree from 7000 to 9500 rpm, and added a couple psi of boost in the same range. The map was called HOLDTHEFON1, appropriately named as that day i went 9.34 @ 153.7 with 1.400 60', and made this car the world record 4cyl Quattro drag car fastest AND quickest. At that time it was also both fastest and quickest Audi in N America PERIOD, but since has kept the ET but slipped back into second place for Trap Speed, again behind the S4 VR6T of Chris Green / USP Motorsports.

      Vbox stats.

      0-60 in 2.3 sec
      60-130 in 4.9 sec
      60' 1.400 sec

      Last run of the year for 2012. Wrong discs too much slip. Still trapping in the 150's

      The best runs of the car to date: 9.34 @ 153.7 and backed up with 9.36 @ 153.8. This day the car went 6 passes in a row with traps from 151.34 to 153.84, only a 2.5 mph spread. worst run was in the semi finals i choked as i was racing a longtime friend and a guy who has all of my respect as he is a great racer at 10.15 @ 152ish.

      Dyno run and showing the boost holding at 38psi.... the pull was 4k rpm to 8500.

      And because i wanted to test the dogbox and no clutch shifting, we did a semi-hard pull on the dyno for four gears. and when i say i make >400 AWHP in first gear on 26 psi, it is because i really know i do

      Respect @speeding-g60

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        This car is freaking SICK!
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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by speeding-g60 Click here to enlarge
        well, that is your opinion and you are entitled to it. but, for your information, there isnt an Audi at all in North America that is quicker than this one Click here to enlarge the next nearest is still .14 sec slower and has >900 AWHP and is a VR6 turbo'd B5 S4, you know the one i am talking about. but he is 7 mph faster in the 1/4 at 160 > 153.

        and i agree they truly sound amazing, but i have been into this motor for quite some time, the past 7 years, and i had no inclination to re-learn an entire new motor and buy everything new (except the turbo, WG, BOV, TB) to start fresh to appeal to the likes of you and your choice.

        build one, lets race, and see what we see. Click here to enlarge
        Respect to different approaches and you have the results to back up your decisions.
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        speeding-g60 -
        putting the motor back in it to try and make IFO next weekend. have a lot of stuff to try out.

        i got some parts, and made my twin disc clutch into a triple disc setup. we shall see how that works out shortly. i am not certain that it is going to work but i will try it anyways.

        couple pictures.... and the motor with a wire tuck done. gonna be finishing it up and firing it up tomorrow.

        Click here to enlarge

        Click here to enlarge

        and now the motor is installed, just gotta tidy stuff up. put on oil lines, make a new drain line for the catch can as i lost the other one, put on the boost lines for gauge/ecu/fpr/bov.

        Click here to enlarge
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        speeding-g60 -
        and i made the front airdam solid and supported....

        bent up a piece of SS 3/4" x .049 tubing for a lower support. and yes it is removable so it is not in the way of the RS4 replica bumper i normally run.

        Click here to enlarge

        Click here to enlarge

        Attachment 30684

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        freaking BEAST
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        there is nothing like the first fire up after its been sitting for awhile.... video processing, ready in an hour.
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        lets fire this $#@! UP!!!!!

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        speeding-g60 -
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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by speeding-g60 Click here to enlarge
        lets fire this $#@! UP!!!!!
        I like how you do these videos and just do it all yourself man, much respect.
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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by speeding-g60 Click here to enlarge

        Ok, now I see how I can do a time lapse myself. Doesn't seem too complicated.
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        speeding-g60 -
        yeah, setting the camera up to do it is easy. the processing takes time. gotta have QuickTime Pro. then it is really easy. open image sequence, set frame rate, and then save as. i use another program to compress it down and convert it to a playable media, like WMV or AVI. WMV had a better final result picture quality wise, than AVI did. but that might have been because i tried the AVI @ 1080p.
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        speeding-g60 -
        got the coolant system up and going. not too far off now for testing!!!! and the boy was so freakin excited, he was jumpin around like a maniac and slipped, hit his head on the counter top corner, and gave himself a little cut on the back side of his head. he is ok, but man he is a SPAZ sometimes!

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        speeding-g60 -
        every once in awhile, ya do something not super smart. like locking yourself inside your own car.

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        why no AAN?
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        speeding-g60 -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by 600whp S4 Click here to enlarge
        why no AAN?
        well, i have been doing the 1.8T 20v for a few years before this car, and it made all the sense in the world to me to continue with a platform i was very familiar with and had ALL of the parts to make work. plus i like the challenge Click here to enlarge

        but there wouldnt be many parts that would switch over, from the ECU/harness, injectors, manifold(s), clutch setup, TUNE, etc. i would basically be starting over from scratch if i were to go with the 5 cyl that originally came in the car.
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        speeding-g60 -
        so i got some new vinyl, and had a chance to weigh it after all the changes. last year, IIRC, it weighed 2650 wet no driver. this year it is 2450 at the truck scale (50 pound increments). so i took it to the dump and weighed in on their scale, 20 pound increments, and 2680 with driver now where it was >2850 previously.

        we are going out tomorrow to test it. turned the power back down to ~760 awhp and only like 36-37 psi. was running 42+ psi and more timing when run 9.34. but with 150-200 pounds lighter, we shall see what we see.

        aligned it today, and got all the little stuff done.

        Attachment 30850

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        Attachment 30852

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        Attachment 30854
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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by speeding-g60 Click here to enlarge
        so i got some new vinyl, and had a chance to weigh it after all the changes. last year, IIRC, it weighed 2650 wet no driver. this year it is 2450 at the truck scale (50 pound increments). so i took it to the dump and weighed in on their scale, 20 pound increments, and 2680 with driver now where it was >2850 previously.
        You got 200 pounds off it... incredible.
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        speeding-g60 -
        so, this triple disc clutch is quite grippy. and i was trying out the no-lift-shift stuff, not to good end either.

        first pass, got a little bite and it bucked and hopped. there was some damage done i did not realize at that time. we discovered it after 3 passes.

        but the first launch broke the outer driver rear cv, the inner passenger rear cv, and messed up the diff most likely. but we made three passes on it anyhow until we figured that out.

        it ran 11.09 @ 147 in FWD on pass # 3, dragging the broken ass end with it. you can hear the sounds it makes in the video, but not in the car.

        this first run had 4 wheels driving on the burnout, got squirrely fast. the next 3 burnouts were mellow in comparison, no wonder as the rears werent spinning.

        run one blew the AWIC coupler, bent the shift rod, broke stuff.

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        run 2, it sorta died mid track, bent the shift rod again, and it ended up blown boost reference line off the ECU. and didnt know it was only a FWD car with damaged ass end.

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        speeding-g60 -
        third pass i decided to do the regular lift-throttle-to-shift, and made a successful pass. 11.09 @ 147!!!!! FWD sucks haha.