• PorscheBoost member M3ntal's Porsche 996tt hits 717 wheel horsepower with E85 and HTA 3071 turbos at 22 psi + race with upgraded turbo E85 RX7

      Congratulations to M3ntal for some very impressive results from his stock internal Porsche 996 Twin Turbo. Modifications consist of forge intercoolers, IPD Competition Plenum, custom E85 fuel system, FIC 1100cc injectors, Tial 44mm external wastegates, tial 50mm blow off valve, Hallman Pro boost controller, Sachs 764 PP clutch, and FP HTA 3071 .63 AR turbos. This combination was tuned by Roshan Patel (mafless tune).

      The result? A very impressive 717 wheel horsepower in STD correction on a dynojet on the stock internals. The turbos are good for more power but the tuner (wisely) stated not to push it any further on the stock internals.

      Dynographs and a couple videos are below.

      Mod List:

      Stock motor
      E85 from the pump
      1.5 bar
      FP HTA 3071 .63 AR
      Forge Intercoolers
      IPD Competition Plenum and 74mm TB
      Custom E85 fuel system ( dual bosch 044 setup)
      FIC 1100 Injectors
      Tial 44mm external gates on stock manifolds
      Tial 50mm BOV
      Hallman Pro manual boost controller
      Sachs 764 PP, Sachs non-sprung disk, oem DMF
      Mafless tune by Roshan Patel

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        Somewhat, but the point is that it's everywhere and isn't a reason to not enjoy a car. It would be like not getting a Vette because middle-aged men with mullets do.
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        No performance car is stigma-free..... Just gotta get past it & acknowledge that (regardless of the car) an enthusiasts will clearly stand apart (unless their a dbag) from whatever the stigma happens to be.

        Bottom line: Car people know & understand other car people. People who just have money and buy something nice (unfortunately the M car target consumer) will just come off like snobs
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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Sticky Click here to enlarge
        Good thing the BMW scene isn't filled with snobs.
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        Nah can't see myself ever doing that tbh just curiosity...i've grown up realizing pcars are more often than not driven by snobs unfortunately which has always been a turnoff
        I was never a fan but in the end looking at pro's and con's with the cars I could afford the 911 was the sensible choice. I got a 997.1tt last gen turbo with the "right" engine, manual gearbox, its a four seater (I have 4 kids and need to be able to drop them to school etc), its 4wd and Sweden has proper winters.

        Its a great platform for tuning, it handels well, and I can use it all year every day Click here to enlarge
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        Reminds me when I used to have an rx7. I tried to play with a 996 once but no bite. My true love though is a PCAR.