• 2013 Audi RS5 tested by Insideline - 12.5@110 1/4 mile and 4,039 pound curb weight

      The 2013 Audi RS5 is an absolutely gorgeous vehicle that we are thrilled Audi decided to bring to the USA. The old 4.2 liter FSI V8 was upgraded and now puts out 450 horses revving to a very impressive 8500 RPM. This power routed through a 7-speed dual clutch transmission is good enough to get it to a 12.5@110 in the 1/4 mile or in other words similar quickness to an E92 M3 DCT from a stop but likely still slightly slower from a roll on the top end.

      Why is that? Well, although the V8 is upgraded the power is still going to all four wheels. The car also has a curb weight of 4,039 pounds. So despite the higher power output on paper the classic Audi traits of big weight combined with a less efficient drivetrain hurt the performance.

      58% of the cars weight also hangs over the nose. Not the best balance for handling performance although it does pull .95g's on the skidpad and manages the slalom in an impressive 69.2 MPH.

      The base price of the car is higher than the C63 or M3 and with options this tester came out to $77,320. Not terrible, but not a value either. It will definitely be more rare than either the M3 or C63.

      A great looking car that would be better if it was lighter with balance closer to 50/50. We're glad someone is still doing a high revving naturally aspirated V8 at the very least.

      Year Make Model 2013 Audi RS 5 2dr Coupe AWD (4.2L 8cyl 7AM)
      Vehicle Type AWD 2dr 4-passenger Coupe
      Base MSRP $69,795
      Options on test vehicle Audi MMI Navigation Package ($3,550 -- CD/DVD player with HD radio, navigation, premium audio, parking alerts with rearview camera, Audi Connect and Bluetooth streaming audio); Titanium Package ($2,500 -- body color mirrors, blacked-out trim, 20-inch wheels with 275/30 summer tires); Sport Exhaust System With Black Finishers ($1,000); Sepang Blue Pearl Paint ($475).
      As-tested MSRP $77,320
      Configuration Longitudinal, front-engine, all-wheel drive
      Engine type Naturally aspirated, direct-injected, V8, gasoline
      Displacement (cc/cu-in) 4,163/254
      Block/head material Aluminum/aluminum
      Valvetrain DOHC, 4 valves/cylinder variable intake + exhaust-valve timing
      Compression ratio (x:1) 12.5
      Redline, indicated (rpm) 8,500
      Fuel cutoff/rev limiter (rpm) 8,500
      Horsepower (hp @ rpm) 450 @ 8,250
      Torque (lb-ft @ rpm) 317 @ 4,000
      Fuel type Premium unleaded (required)
      Transmission type 7-speed auto-double-clutch manual with console shifter and steering-mounted paddles with sport/competition modes
      Transmission ratios (x:1) I = 3.692; II = 2.238; III = 1.559; IV = 1.175; V = 0.915; VI = 0.745; VII = 0.617; R = 2.944
      Suspension, front Independent multilink, coil springs, stabilizer bar
      Suspension, rear Independent multilink, coil springs, stabilizer bar
      Steering type Electric-assist, speed-proportional, rack-and-pinion steering
      Steering ratio (x:1) 15.9
      Turning circle (ft.) 38.1
      Tire make and model Pirelli P Zero
      Tire type Asymmetrical summer, (44 psi cold front; 41 psi cold rear)
      Tire size 275/30ZR20 97Y
      Wheel size 20-by-9 inches front and rear
      Wheel material Cast aluminum
      Brakes, front 14.4-in two-piece ventilated cross-drilled steel discs with two-piston fixed calipers
      Brakes, rear 12.8-in ventilated cross-drilled steel discs with one-piston fixed calipers
      Track Test Results
      Acceleration, 0-30 mph (sec.) 1.7
      0-45 mph (sec.) 2.8
      0-60 mph (sec.) 4.3
      0-60 with 1 foot of rollout (sec.) 4.1
      0-75 mph (sec.) 6.1
      1/4-mile (sec. @ mph) 12.5 @ 110.8
      0-30 mph, trac ON (sec.) 2.2
      0-45 mph, trac ON (sec.) 3.5
      0-60 mph, trac ON (sec.) 5.0
      0-60, trac ON with 1 foot of rollout (sec.) 4.6
      0-75 mph, trac ON (sec.) 7.0
      1/4-mile, trac ON (sec. @ mph) 13.0 @ 109.2
      Braking, 30-0 mph (ft.) 27
      60-0 mph (ft.) 105
      Slalom, 6 x 100 ft. (mph) 69.2
      Slalom, 6 x 100 ft. (mph) ESC ON 67.3
      Skid pad, 200-ft. diameter (lateral g) 0.95
      Skid pad, 200-ft. diameter (lateral g) ESC ON 0.94
      Sound level @ idle (dB) 43.9
      @ Full throttle (dB) 78.2
      @ 70 mph cruise (dB) 62.6
      Engine speed @ 70 mph (rpm) 2,400
      Dimensions & Capacities
      Curb weight, mfr. claim (lbs.) 4,009
      Curb weight, as tested (lbs.) 4,039
      Weight distribution, as tested, f/r (%) 58.0/42.0

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      1. Remonster's Avatar
        Remonster -
        Pretty nice numbers, I expect the new M3 to be a little quicker than this in a straight line and probably a little less grippy since the RS5 has 275s all around. Let's hope the rumors about the M3's weight loss are true, if so it should seriously undercut the RS5's 4,000.

        I LOVE the blue paint on this car, I was close to ordering an S4 in this color last month but Audi's outrageous lease rates scared me away.
      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        I really, really like this car but that damn weight and balance...

        The new M3 will annihilate this. The current M3 is really a better performance car.
      1. Bash's Avatar
        Bash -
        The new M3 should be lighter with the smaller engine.
      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Bash Click here to enlarge
        The new M3 should be lighter with the smaller engine.
        The current M3's V8 is lighter than the previous six cylinder.