• Germans claim the Chinese are stealing Volkswagen technology/patents

    IP theft is pretty much rampant in China and the government does not seem to do anything about it. Last year we reported how the Chinese blatantly steal automotive designs. Volkswagen recently extended an agreement with their Chinese partner FAW for 25 years. The German chancellor and the Chinese prime minister both were present to witness the signing of the agreement and everyone seemed to be great friends.

    Volkswagen recently caught FAW stealing designs for transmissions and engines. A VW exec told a paper the situation is "a catastrophe." This was no the first time, either. Two years ago VW designs were used to copy the EA111 four cylinder motor. VW's execs complained to the head of FAW who apologized and brushed it off as simply an "overeager" engineer going a little too far. FAW built a plant to build this copied motor while the controversy was taking place.

    There is not much Volkswagen can do as they need the Chinese market and the Chinese government won't do anything about their companies getting ahead by stealing from others.

    A shame the Chinese won't play by international rules and that blatant theft is tolerated and even expected from China.


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    1. Itsbrokeagain's Avatar
      Itsbrokeagain -
      They already have chinese made BMWs...friends in Hong Kong will usually pay the double import tax to bring one from Germany/USA, rather than pay normal price from their own country...thats how $#@!ty the quality is.
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      whoosh -
      Why are people so surprised that a company sanctioned by a communist government steals IP from a Western firm? "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs." if it has value, they will ​take it.
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      Puerto Rican 335d -
      nahh!!, the Chinese, no way!!! pun intended!!!
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      Sorena -
      What the hell Chinese aren't stealing/copying?
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      Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Sorena Click here to enlarge
      What the hell Chinese aren't stealing/copying?
      they copy everything