• Audi teases the 2013 B8 RS5 in the Desert

      The RS5 is coming soon, very soon, as in this Spring to the United States. In preparation for its arrival Audi released this video teaser. It shows the RS5 going through the desert and looking gorgeous doing it. As a reminder, the RS5 will have 450 horsepower from a 4.2 liter high revving direct injected V8 mated to a DSG (dual clutch) gearbox. No pricing yet (likely $80k+) and production will be very limited so do not expect to see these everywhere. Thanks for bringing it to the USA Audi!

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      1. Dj Toobs's Avatar
        Dj Toobs -
        Looks and sound bad ass!!!!!!!!!!
      1. BK63AMG's Avatar
        BK63AMG -
        I really love this car but it's so late to the party. It will not be able to compete with any other cars in it's class, especially with all the competition turning to forced induction. That 4.2 is a great engine but the RS5 barely keeps up with the E92 M3 and gets mauled by the C63.