• The difference 124 pounds makes - 2012 Audi A8L vs. 2011 Audi A8

      124 pounds does not sound like all that much. When put into context of large 4000+ pound all wheel drive luxury sedans where it is a smaller % of their total weight it seems almost irrelevant. This interesting comparison by Insideline shows that weight always if of paramount importance and the effect it has on all performance aspects. These cars have the same motors and transmissions with the same exact same horsepower and torque ratings. The only major difference is the Audi A8L is heavier by 124 pounds and that the A8L is on 19's versus the A8's 20's.

      Even with the 20 inch rims the difference the weight makes is seen in the numbers. The general drag racing rule of thumb is 100 pounds is a tenth and a mph. Well, the old adage continues to hold true:

      The A8L is 2/10's slower in the 1/4 and just about 1 MPH short. The handling numbers show slalom speed also suffers by 1.2 mph and the skidpad by 0.04 g. It is important to note that the A8L was on all season tires. Ideally, Insideline would have done the comparison with the same wheels/tires on both cars.

      Want to make your car a better performer all the way around? Strip out 100 pounds.

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