• Vivid Racing Porsche 996 turbo / X50 / GT2 3.8-4.0 liter stroker kit - $6500

      The 996 turbo is a very popular modification platform. Used vehicles are a great value and a lot of power can be extracted from the twin turbo flat-6. Increasing displacement is certainly an option as well with 3.82, 3.86, and and 3.94 displacement options for $6500. The stroker kit obviously includes a crank as well as rods and pistons. The crank is made out of billet 4340 steel and is lighter than the stock crank. Full specs below.

      Since 2001, the Porsche 996 Turbo has been one of the best cars built. For it's time, there was nothing that had the overall package that this 911 did. With twin turbos, the 3.6L engine put out over 400 horsepower. Moving forward to the current day, tuning and building a Porsche 996TT is much easier. Many companies have produced economical ways to get customers the increased power anywhere from 500 - 1000+ horsepower. With the 996TT cars priced as low as $35,000, a new generation of drivers is able to enjoy what the 996 Turbo can do. Going back to 2005, Vivid Racing enters the Porsche market. Having built a supercharged 996C2, a 750HP 996TT, and blistering 206.2mph in the Mile on a 825HP 997TT, we can say our street cred will back this new product. For those looking to refresh a high mileage engine or achieve horsepower and torque numbers that striker fear in others eyes, this new Porsche 996 Turbo Stroker Kit is just the start.

      With over a year in development with our USA manufacturing partner, we are proud to release the Vivid Racing 3.8L to 4.0L Stroker Kit for the Porsche 996 Turbo engines. In cooperation with well known engine builder, Brian Crower, Vivid Racing has this new stroker motor that will certainly take your 3.6L power to a whole new level. We had 3 goals to achieve in manufacturing of this kit. First we wanted a product that was extremely strong to handle high horsepower builds. Next we wanted to have some what of an a-la-carte program where customers could pick and choose certain options for their needs. Finally, we wanted to remove the Porsche tax.

      What makes up the Vivid Racing Stroker Kit is 3 main parts. Crank, Rods, Pistons. Instead of just changing out the piston size and adding new liners to get a 3.8L, we developed this full billet 4340 steel crank. The billet crank is lighter then the stock unit and stronger than a forged part. In the pursuit of higher horsepower, upgrading the crank is just part of potential your car can reach. Billet cranks start out as a large cylindrical chunk of steel. This material is already forged instead of needing to be forged. Since the billet part is machined, the grain structure runs parallel throughout the entire length of the crank. The design of this billet crankshaft is +4mm (80.4mm) in stroke. With the design of the crank, we are able to offer a 3.82L, 3.86L, and a 3.94L (all requires new sleeves).

      The next part of the 996TT stroker kit is the rods. The rods maintain the OEM dimensions. These rods are also 4340 billet steel which are VERY strong for high horsepower. To further their function and strength, they are equipped with ARP fasteners. The center to center measurement of the rods is 5.00in. The big end bore is 2.284in and the big end width is .744in. Finally the pin end bore is .905in. As a OEM replacement to the Porsche 996 Turbo short block, all these parts fit without issues. However do to the stroke, part of the oil pump housing must be ground down (see photos).

      The a-la-carte program comes into place with the pistons. The pistons we use are from CP-Carrillo. The CP Racing pistons are forged aluminum and feature upgraded 9310 alloy wrist pins. All CP pistons are balanced to + or - 1 gram. Made in the USA, these are fully CNC machined. The standard VR stroker kit will take you to a 3.82L with a +.5mm bore to your block. You can increase your displacement by going with a +1mm bore to get a 3.86L. If you want the ultimate in power and displacement, +2mm bore will get your engine to a commanding 3.94L. All require upgraded sleeves in which we recommend the Darton iron ones. The Darton sleeves are ductile iron and an additional cost. Each piston kit will require your cylinder blocks to be sent to a machine shop to be bored out.

      This stroker kit is designed to work on all 2001-2005 Porsche 911 Turbo cars. This includes the 996 Turbo, 996 Turbo X50, and 996 GT2. This short block upgrade does require new OEM bearings and gaskets for installation. Vivid Racing stands behind this product with a 1 year parts warranty. We suggest having a highly experience Porsche engine builder for the installation as specific tools and knowledge are required. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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