• VW E-Bugster concept is a sexy way to show off an electric powertrain

    We like the redesign of the Beetle. VW made it more aggressive and more masculine leading it to not be so much as a "chick" car as it was portrayed previously. We do not mean to sound sexist, but the damn thing did come with a flower vase. VW takes the Bettle design further here with the Bugster which is even more aggressive and sleek. Chopping the roof 3 inches and adding 20's certainly has a great effect.

    What is underneath the skin is an all electric drivetrain which will see production form in a Golf. The 114 horsepower (and 199 pound-feet of torque) electric motor is powered by a 700 pound lithium-ion battery under the rear seats. It allows for a range of 100 miles which is not exactly huge or comparable to gasoline counterparts but definitely a step forward for mass produced electric cars.

    VW won't really be building this Beetle but we wish the looks were applied to production Beetles.

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    1. DavidV's Avatar
      DavidV -
      VolksWagen is thinking about building a Speedster version of the new "Beetle".
      It is a bit confusing when the old retro version if the beetle is called "New Beetle" and this new version just "Beetle", but so be it.
      The old New Beetle was rhe retro version of the Golf IV, like the Scirocco is the mean looking version of the Golf VI.
      This Beetle however has more of a stand alone car then the old retro looking model.
      This has some mean and some retro all at the same time.
      I like it. Not that I would buy one myself, because I am a BMW person myself.
      It is a nice car for the wife, so to speak.
      It has the looks.

      The design dept. of VW says about this car
      “This is a serious proposal for a speedster Beetle and I am sure it will come for production, we just need to find the business case.”

      The speedster will also get it's looks from the E-Bugster concept.

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