• This is the 254+ mile per hour capable 9ff GT9 Club Sport, 750-1150 horsepower

      German tuner 9ff has made what can be considered the ultimate evolution of the Porsche 911. Although the vehicle looks like a 911 the skin is completely carbon fiber and underneath is a steel tube frame chassis with an integrated role cage. This leads to a curb weigh in the 2700 range. They use the front part of a 911 GT3 and then build the rest themselves for an impressive and unique vehicle. The standard GT9 ran to 254 miles per hour with just 987 horsepower. The club sport version shown here starts with 750 horsepower but can be optioned up to 1150.

      The way the club sport model differs is with aerodynamic changes to increase downforce at the track. A new front splitter, widened wheel arches, redesigned side sills, air vents on the front fenders, and a new roof. The widened body allows the club sport to ride on 345 width tires in back

      The club sport is actually the cheapest GT9 model at $565,000. The GT9 and GT9-R cost $701,000 and $987,000 respectively. Not cheap, but this is a very unique mid-engine car that essentially shows what the 911 could evolve to. It is even available in an automotic/tiptronic model for those who want to maintain daily civility with a 1000+ horsepower mid-engine car not dealing with the noise single mass flywheel of the manual model. Awesome? Definitely.

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        That is just wrong. So cool!
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        That is just wrong. So cool!
        Badass car!
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        Totally gutted.

        Not cheap either.
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        that is $#@!ing sick.