• EVO magazine decides to pit the Panamera S against the F10 BMW M5, Mercedes E63 AMG with Performance Package, and Jaguar XFR

      Now what is wrong with this picture? We have four very fast sports sedans here. All of them have forced induction except for 1. All of them are the most powerful available from the respective manufacturer except for one. Which one is at a disadvantage? The Porsche Panamera S which does not have turbos or a supercharger and is outgunned by the 3 models in the Panamera lineup: the Panamera GTS, Panamara Turbo, and Panamera Turbo S.

      The F10 M5 wins the drag race which is surprising against a performance package E63 which is a very strong car putting out around 516 wheel horsepower. Chalk that up to the M5's dual clutch transmission. The Mercedes comes in second with the Jaguar following it. Bringing up the rear surprising absolutely nobody is the Panamera S. The dream drag race would have been to include the Panamera Turbo S. Yes, it is way more expensive but this is a battle of the best not the greatest value. We blow our noses at EVO.

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        Is this the Performance Package E63 or just standard? I am getting conflicting info.