• Another 1-2-3 victory for Audi in DTM at Oschersleben, back to do back 1-2-3 victories - Race recap

      Well, it looks like Audi is beginning to take a commanding lead and pull away from Mercedes in DTM. Hot on the heels of their last 1-2-3 victory, Audi managed to repeat the feat again back to back. The race again was in the rain and the Audi's dominated the Mercedes' in the wet conditions. Martin Tomczyk was able to push to second place after starting in 14th to extend his lead in the driver standings. Winner Mattias Ekstrom was able to climb within 10 points of second place driver for Mercedes Bruno Spengler. Only two races remain and the pressure is now on Mercedes to make up ground.

      Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich (Head of Audi Motorsport)

      "It was an extremely turbulent and a tremendous race. Mattias (Ekström) was incredibly quick. I think there hasn't been a DTM race won with such a large advantage in a long time. Martin (Tomczyk) finished as the runner-up in a car that was damaged during half of the race - a fantastic performance. And Edoardo, too, deserved his place on the podium. In total, it's been an impressive team performance and a strong result for Audi."

      Mattias Ekström (Red Bull Audi A4 DTM), 1st place

      "I had a fantastic race. Crossing the finish line in the DTM as the winner with a more than 40-second advantage is definitely a world of difference. I didn't even know who came second behind me. I'm very happy that it was Martin (Tomczyk). But I'm even happier that in the team and with Audi Sport we've come up with ways of working together even better and continuing our successful days. Knowing this, it's really fun going into the last two races, and then starting into the winter break."

      Martin Tomczyk (Schaeffler Audi A4 DTM), 2nd place

      "For me, clearly, the story of the day is the one that happened on the first lap. Recovering eight positions in such difficult conditions and to then even advance to second place is anything but easy. A little luck was involved too. After the poor qualifying session my team and I had a perfect Sunday. We're now leading the championship with a nine-point advantage. That doesn't mean anything except that we'll be tackling the next races the same way we did the last ones: with determination and concentration."

      Edoardo Mortara (Playboy Audi A4 DTM), 3rd place

      "I've got mixed feelings. It was definitely a fantastic result for me to finish on the podium as a rookie for the second time this season. But I made a lot of mistakes in qualifying and particularly at the start. I still need to improve some more for the next races at Valencia and Hockenheim."

      Race Breakdown:

      Info Due to the conditions, there will be two warm-up laps instead of one, the race distance is shortened from 50 to 49 laps.
      Start Molina misses his braking point before the first corner, runs wide. Spengler leads. Molina turns Scheider around, Coulthard also spins.
      Lap 1 Engel spins. Tomczyk is already sixth. Spengler is leading from Ekström, Molina, Schumacher, Jarvis, Tomczyk, Green, Van der Zande, Mortara, Albuquerque. Paffett spins, but continues.
      Lap 2 Schumacher attacks Molina for second. Mortara overtakes Van der Zande and is now eighth.
      Lap 3 Jarvis spins at the hotel corner, ploughs through the gravel trap. Drops back to tenth. Stoddart also into the gravel at the hotel corner, she retires.
      Lap 6 Van der Zande off the track at the Hasseröder corner. Hits the tyre wall with the rear of the car. Comes into the pits at the end of the lap.
      Lap 8 Ekström overtakes Spengler at Hasseröder corner and is now leading.
      Lap 10 Schumacher spins at the first corner. Spins off the track at the triple left-hander after contact with Albuquerque.
      Lap 11 Schumacher and Albuquerque under investigation. Albuquerque loses the bonnet of his Audi A4 DTM, he comes in at the end of the lap.
      Lap 12 Rockenfeller, Paffett into the pits for their first stops.
      Lap 13 No further action against Albuquerque.
      Lap 15 Molina into the pits. With fast lap times, Scheider quickly closes up to Green in fifth place.
      Lap 16 Jarvis into the pits.
      Lap 17 Vietoris, Green into the pits. Tomczyk has lost the bonnet of his car on the main straight.
      Lap 19 Rockenfeller into the pits.
      Lap 22 Mortara, Coulthard, Molina, Frey into the pits.
      Lap 23 Paffett overtakes Green for ninth place. Green into the pits.
      Lap 25 Ekström, Scheider into the pits. Scheider retires due to overheating engine.
      Lap 26 Tomczyk, Engel into the pits.
      Lap 28 Spengler into the pits.
      Lap 29 Spengler reports suspension problems on the right front wheel. Engel into the pits.
      Lap 30 Spengler, Vietoris into the pits.
      Lap 31 Mortara overtakes Tomczyk as Tomczyk locks up under braking. Spengler's stop takes 30 seconds. Ekström into the pits.
      Lap 32 Tomczyk into the pits.
      Lap 33 Mortara into the pits.
      Lap 34 Jarvis spins into the grass, continues. Tomczyk past Mortara. Frey into the pits.
      Lap 35 Coulthard into the pits.
      Lap 36 Paffett, Jarvis into the pits.
      Lap 37 Order after the pit stops: Ekström is leading from Tomczyk, Mortara, Paffett, Molina, Vietoris, Rockenfeller, Engel, Spengler and Green.
      Lap 38 Molina runs wide at the hotel corner, through the gravel. He drops back to eighth.
      Lap 40 Jarvis overtakes Coulthard for eleventh place.
      Lap 41 Nice fight for eleventh between Green and Jarvis, Coulthard gets past again.
      Lap 42 Jarvis past Coulthard again. Spengler into the pits once more, he retires.
      Lap 45 Final lap, the maximum time has elapsed.
      Finish Ekström wins from Tomczyk, Mortara, Paffett, Vietoris, Rockenfeller, Engel, Molina, Jarvis, Coulthard.

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