• Active Autowerke attempting to swap an S65 V8 into a widebody E36 chassis and then supercharge it

      This is simply a little teaser but we had to report on it as there have not been too many S65 swaps that we have seen. In addition, swaps that are then boosted. That is exactly what Active Autowerke is attempting to do with this widebody E36. Will they pull it off? It's Active, so we doubt they would be teasing if they did not intend to back it up. How far along this is we do not know and they have not released any other details other than a photo of the S65 in the E36 engine bay and publicly stating their intention to boost it.

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        would you be interested in a spin/tour/ride to active? Click here to enlarge
        I sure would, I scheduled my wife's c-section down in hollywood. Maybe while shes in the OR I can sneak out and go see active autowerkes. She wont know I left, she'll be so drugged up anyway!
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        great man, when the time comes close, PM me your number or something and we can go from there. it'll be great to finally put a face to your handle. how long will you be staying, just the day?
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        Electronically that's not particularly difficult to do - the E36 wiring is fairly simple to integrate with; you could build a system that plugs in, runs the full S65 plus all the stock chassis functions in a straightforward fashion. Actually, swaps into E36 chassis are one of my favorites as they work out so nice.

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        This swap would be sick, It has me looking at my own E36 thinking how bad ass the car would sound!

        Err now to find an S65 laying around Click here to enlarge
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        please get lost.
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        Nice project! Any more info on who is attempting to do it?