• Porsche design Bong / Water Pipe / Shisha / Hookah

      Call it whatever you want, but Porsche Design has created one nice smoking apparatus. Porsche Design does a lot of varied things from luggage, to watches, to shoes, to clothing; quite a diverse lineup. We did not realize how diverse until they released this pipe. The device is two feet tall and uses aluminum and tecflex which is a long flexible material (plastic). Unfortunately, this is only available at the Porsche Design store in London at first but will spread to other stores later. Somebody at Porsche had to be smoking something when they came up with this.

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        Let them know bro.

        Volcano Vaporizer FTW. Best investment for a pothead. Money wise and health wise. But I'd rock the Porsche hookah for decoration.
        yea the Volcano is king i had it back in college lol was great
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        Bong water actually removes some THC.