• Burger Motorsports N55 (2011 on 135i/335i) Stage 2 dyno results with meth injection - 372 wheel horsepower, stock turbocharger already maxed out

      The car is our 2011 135i w/ DCT, JB4 (Stage2), AR 4" downpipe, and WW quick install meth kit. I have an N55 Helix IC for it but have not had time to install it yet, hopefully soon! The car is using the same Shell 91 octane + NOS octane booster it's been on for the past 3k miles. Temps were in the low 70s. For today's meth testing I wound up having to run 100% duty cycle most of the power band. Meaning the JB4 is working the wastegate as much as it can be worked. And even in that trim it struggled to hold 17psi @ 5000rpm and 13psi @ 6000rpm.

      Overall I'm happy with the results but sad to report this motor with the stock turbo is about tapped out at around 370rw. Maybe with the IC on cold day we can extend that to 385rw. But it's going to take a questionably loose dynojet and a prayer to get to 400rw.

      On the plus side I superimposed one of the runs against the same car when it was stock and was pleased with the 100whp delta.

      Despite the small turbo you guys are going to *love* Stage2. All the N54 functionality is there, we've put lagfix back in, and partial throttle is buttery smooth.

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        Im not saying there's no reduction in boost psi at the higher end of the power band but its drastically reduced from previously without meth. I can see that from datalogs which I do constantly. And yes I do short shift.
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