• Who says chrome is out of style? Special chromed V10 R8's raise $988,000

      Remember the chrome R8 we told you was going to be auctioned off? Well, the car was such a hit Audi donated a second R8. The first R8 was actually submitted twice with the winner putting it right back up for auction where it generated even more money. All in all, just under $1 million dollars was generated by the two chrome R8's Audi donated. Audi UK stated: “We are absolutely delighted to have been instrumental in raising such a magnificent sum for Sir Elton’s charity."

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        Can someone answer this $#@!ing question for me please.

        After this money gets into Elton Johns hand, where does it go? Show me the poor kid with no food that got some of this money. Show me the homeless guys and the people dying of hunger that get the cash.

        The only awareness I see here is more publicity to Elton and Audi.

        Cool car though.
        I'm sure it is a reputable charity or Audi would not donate 2 R8's.